Evgenia Medvedeva: “The most important discovery for me in the process of growing up is that you can say “No” to people.”

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Evgenia Medvedeva on whether she is going to continue her career, the main discovery of growing up and fees.

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Whether she pans to resume her sports career

Evgenia Medvedeva: My life consists of shooting for different projects. A lot of work, different trips, I’m back on the ice and train again, skate in the show in Sochi.

What about a competitive career? True, I haven’t performed for a long time, so far I’m focused on other things. But never say never, because life changes 180 and even 360 degrees. Therefore, I never say “never”, I swore not to, because everything can happen. But right now, I don’t plan to continue competing. I want to feel the ground beneath my feet, I feel it now, I walk well on it, and thanks for that. Everything is more or less good for me now, and it suits me.

About the largest prize money in her career

Evgenia Medvedeva: Sometimes you go on the Internet and see how much prize money they will give for the victory. Or you go to the Grand Prix final and don’t even know the prize fund. I don’t remember. In my opinion, for the first place at the World Championships, I earned 24 thousand dollars. Not small money, but you won’t live long on it.

About the main discovery of growing up

Evgenia Medvedeva: The most important discovery for me in the process of growing up is that, it turns out, you can say no to people. And often it plays the most important role in your life. A lot of people demand something from me personally, they want something. And this is not always some kind of rational desire, perhaps it’s just their wishes. You just need to separate your duties from the wishes of some strangers who just want something from you, be able to separate and filter it all. Something can and should be done, for example, for the family or for strangers who need help. But when it’s just, “Hey, let’s go!” And when you feel that there is no resource, you can simply say “no”. I didn’t know this before, I didn’t do it, and I got very tired and sagged emotionally because of this.

How did I come to this? Both work with a psychologist, and my own inner feelings. When I understand that I can no longer give pieces of myself to people, I just have to say “no” at some point, and they are like: “Okay,” and they leave. And I think: “Oh! Great, so it was possible.”


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