Evgenia Medvedeva: The easy way doesn’t mean the right one

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Translation of the interview with Evgenia Medvedeva. About preparation for upcoming season and new programs.

Zhenya, such busy schedule is already in the order of things for you: new programs, final exams at school, short vacation, training camps, show, prom, show and again work?

– All that you have listed is my life. This is my choice. There’s always a choice. There is always an easier way. But the easy way does not mean the right one. Figure skating, like any sport, primarily involves working on yourself. It’s happiness, when your profession is also your hobby. Then the process of work and trainings brings pleasure.

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Can you tell about new programs?

– For the short program we took Chopin Nocturne No.20 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Posth performed by Joshua Bell. For the free – George Winston – January Stars, Max Richter – Departure (Lulbaby) and Dona Nobis Pacem 2. We started to do programs in early July. Daniil Gleichengauz, Ilia Averbukh and Eteri Tutberidze worked on them.

I will show new programs at the test skates in Sochi. But the new exhibition program, to the music from the movie “Anna Karenina”, I will skate at the show in Yokohama. This is not the final version. During the season we will refine and improve the exhibition program.

Will there be any technical changes?

– The short program will have all the same elements as before. We tried to complicate the free program. Moved the first 3-3 combination to the second part of the program. Now I have only one jump in the first part of the program.


In the summer, many figure skaters take part shows. Is it an entertainment for an athlete, a way to make money or what?

– Everything depends on the athlete’s attitude. For me, the show at the beginning of the season is a way to establish contact with the public, to recall the sensations when you are on the ice and dozens of spectators watch you. I do not know who and what is saying, but for me every time on the ice, whether it’s a show or a competition, it’s always an adrenaline, an excitement, a certain mindset.

Shows in some way resemble competitions. And, of course, contract duties must be fulfilled. Usually, the participation of a skater in the show is negotiated in advance.

What was the most memorable at the recent show?

– The most interesting is to meet with people, sportsmen, whom you haven’t met at competitions, but who inspired you throughout your sporting path.

For example?

– There a lot of such athletes. But for me, for example, it was interesting to look at Johnny Weir, how he feels on the ice, how he skates. I did not caught that time when Johnny competed, I’ve never seen him skating live. We met in Japan, I had the opportunity to see his practices. I was also very surprised that Johnny speaks Russian without an accent.

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How the things are going with foreign languages?

– I really want to study the Japanese language seriously, to improve my English and also to read many books. At school, especially in high school, there was not enough time for this. So I made a list of what I need to read.

During vacations you were in Japan and China. Again, Japan?

– Yes. I like this country. I’ve been there many times, but at competitions, when all attention is focused on work. And I wanted to go deeper into history, culture, see ethnic Japan – Osaka, Kyoto. To visit Tokyo.

In Tokyo, we spent two days. Lost our way, searched how to get to the hotel on navigator. Walked eight kilometers. But it was great! This time I saw the temples, the Imperial Palace, strolled along the narrow streets of Kyoto, enjoyed the nature of Japan, tried on national dresses, and, of course, Japanese food. I wanted to try everything!

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7 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva: The easy way doesn’t mean the right one”

  1. Tac says:

    Everyone else is choosing warhorse music for their free skate, so I’m not too disappointed with evgenia…….as long as the choreography isn’t the same as the past 3 years!!!

  2. Carina says:

    Saw the new programs earlier and I went through the original music pieces.

    SP – Chopin Nocturne No.20: Pretty straight-forward classic music, basically everyone has heard of it at some point
    FS – (1) January Stars by pianist/composer George Winston: It’s my first time listening to this composer’s work, and I don’t hate it. Compared to classics, it’s got more memorable melodies. It kinda grew on me after replaying a few times. (2) Two soundtracks from the HBO Show “The Leftovers”: I’m guessing this is used as a more orchestra-y climax/ending to the FS. Imagine the last 5 minutes of a Sci-Fi movie when everyone dies and the main character stares into the universe.

    So all in all, very much piano-based music, melancholy & romantic, very Medvedeva. On one hand, I don’t feel any surprise coming along (I guess it’s reasonable since it’s olympic season). On the other hand, I’m happy she didn’t buy into the trend of La La Land, opera singing or pop music. I can’t describe how much I cringed every time I watched Elena’s My Heart Will Go On…

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