Evgenia Medvedeva: “My mother is very worried that I’m not dating someone, but I’m fine.”

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Evgenia Medvedeva about the conditions at the Olympics, age in figure skating and a photo shoot in Maxim magazine.

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source: Sport24

Interview was part of “Women’s Forum” show where four female comedians read posts on the women’s forum for the first time, discuss them with the guests, and give their collective response.

Don’t you swear at all?

Evgenia Medvedeva: Not on camera.

It seems to me that in sports, without it anywhere. At least coaches.

Evgenia Medvedeva: Yes, it really is.

And you, when this seven-seven toe loops went wrong and “oops I fell” …

Evgenia Medvedeva: Ah-ah-ah, oh, how painful, what a shame. Okay, next time it will work out.

There is also a problem that they take a close-up of your face and everyone will understand by the lips.

Evgenia Medvedeva: By the way, there is one such shot. Russian Nationals, I was 15 then…

Did you swear?

Evgenia Medvedeva: I fell on the jump and stood in line with the guys. It was exhibitions, not competitions. We decided to have some fun at the end, and I fell, got up, came to the guys, clap and you can see everything on my lips. It was close-up, and I’m 15 years old, and everyone is like “oh-oh-oh, what a dirty mouth.” I was criticized for another week.

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How does it feel to be so young and successful?

Evgenia Medvedeva: I don’t know (laughs)

And what do they give for the Olympics?

Evgenia Medvedeva: They gave a lot for the Olympics, in fact. But I’m one of those people who will tell you “Money is not the main thing, girls.” But there is a car, an apartment, yes.

Did they give you a lot of money?

Evgenia Medvedeva: If they hadn’t gave me money for this, I would have smacked against the wall a long time ago.

You are 22 years old, do you want to get married already?

Evgenia Medvedeva: Firstly, my mother is very worried that I’m not dating someone. These conversations at three o’clock in the morning in the kitchen, when you make yourself some tea, and she comes out from around the corner. Sits down and asks, “And with whom did you go for a walk today?”. She worries about this, but I’m fine.

They say that at the Olympics in the Olympic village everyone sleeps with each other …

Evgenia Medvedeva: At one of the World Championships there were huge advertisements for Durex. Right on the ice. Like “Safety first.” There was a motto “With passion” and it was presented as a passion for what you do, love for your work, sport. But everywhere there were vending machines with condoms, but by the end of competitions they were empty.

Were they free?

Evgenia Medvedeva: Yes

How do you know?

Evgenia Medvedeva: Well, I was already 18 then, and what will you do to me. It’s a pity that the guys found them useful only for something else. They put water there and threw at the Americans.

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Topic: Medvedeva’s photo shoot for Maxim magazine

Evgenia Medvedeva: They came to us and said they wanted a photo session. In the end, we decided that it would be a more sporty theme: a swimming pool, a swimsuit without lace.

Were you comfortable?

Evgenia Medvedeva: At first I was uncomfortable, because these are the first photos that got into the network, and strangers saw me in a swimsuit. Usually, girls come to Maxim who have already showed everything, but I didn’t have this. I was uptight. They set up the most camphor atmosphere for me, but after the Maxim cover I got carried away. Now my social networks are semi-OnlyFans. I don’t understand why they write that it’s wrong to make such photos at the age of 22, I’m not 13.

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The girls who competed at the Olympics were 15 years old. Does it make sense to continue if there are no results at the age of 16?

Evgenia Medvedeva: The current situation is such that there will be no big sport in our country in the coming years.

So, prostitution.

Evgenia Medvedeva: Yeah, escort.

And until what age can you “shoot” in figure skating, and then that’s it?

Evgenia Medvedeva: At the age of 16, I had already won the World, European and Russian Nationals.

I won the Olympiad in biology at the age of 16, because there were only two people.

Evgenia Medvedeva: Biology is hell. I took the state exam in biology.

What is the latest age to start doing figure skating?

Evgenia Medvedeva: I started at three, this is the average age. But I have friends in figure skating who started at the age of 8-10 and successfully compete in competitions. These are already exceptions.

An important question, at what age can you give money twice a month for a manicure?

Evgenia Medvedeva: I have been doing manicure since I was 14, so now I am without it.

Is it true that you need to pay to participate in competitions?

Evgenia Medvedeva: There is such thing as the entry fee. When I was 10 years old, my parents paid for it. If you take 1st place, they hang a medal on you and give you an envelope, and there, for example, not 3500 that you paid, but 2500. A kind of cashback.

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Topic: anime and K-pop

Evgenia Medvedeva: I love anime. Here the guy writes, I would advise the girl to leave this guy and continue watching anime.

Do you listen BTS?

Evgenia Medvedeva: I listen to K-pop, but other bands, BTS, not really my band.

Topic: Food at the Olympics. By the way, is the food delicious at the Olympics?

Evgenia Medvedeva: There is a huge tent and free McDonald’s. We didn’t eat, we just watched (laughs). After the competition, I sat there. I love french fries with sweet and sour sauce and nuggets.

What did you eat during the Olympics?

Evgenia Medvedeva: In the morning before training I ate fast carbohydrates.


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