Evgenia Medvedeva left from coach Eteri Tutberidze?

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Almost a week fans have been discussing that Evgenia Medvedeva is going to change a coach. Of course all our favorite experts gave some comments, while there are still no official announcements.

Well, can we consider official the comment from director of “Sambo 70” Renat Layshev?

Zhenya stopped working with Eteri Georgievna. Of course, we do not like this situation, but Zhenya plans to continue working at Sambo-70, with another coach. We have never limited her in anything, she has good relations with the school, we tried to influence thу situation.

In my opinion, this is not right, Eteri Georgievna is doing everything for her pets (yep he used exactly this word). This is a complicated philosophical question, all in good time. It’s thankless to interfere. We must give a lot of credit to Tutberidze, she has such a deep field.


Ilia Averbukh:

In this situation I empathize both Zhenya and Eteri, they have done a lot for each other. Eteri made Zhenya who she is. This tandem has been close for many years, I’m sure that in her heart Zhenya has only gratitude to the coach.

I think that it’s difficult for Eteri to part with one of her best students. Sport is cruel, emotions will fade, and they will always talk about each other with warmth.


Alexei Yagudin:

I have already said before that two people who are ready to win can not get along with one coach, no matter how hard he tries to do everything right. I judge from the situation that I had with Plushenko and Mishin, you can train together, but someone will be psychologically smashed anyway. I realized that at the age of 18, yes, I need it, is a dead end to stay. Maybe Medvedev felt the same way.

Yes, they can continue to train together, but always someone wins and someone loses. If two athletes perform at the same level and no one wants to give in, a person looks for changes in life. Here you just need to support Zhenya’s decision, whatever it is. She is obviously one of the leaders of women’s single skating, like Alina, who deserved to win at the Olympics.

There are a lot of changes of coaches, situations, people who are not involved in this situation thoroughly, like we, do not even have the right to say whether it’s bad or good, we do not have the right to condemn one of the parties, say that one of them did not do everything, this is their world, their situation. Everything that happens in this world of sport, we expect only the improvement of this situation. And we wish good luck to the Eteri’s group, where Alina and many other talented children remain, not only girls, but also boys. Being a father of two daughters, I do not have the right to assess this situation or look for flaws in it.

Alexei Mishin:

Divorces were and will be. Changes of coaches were and will be. You can’t say better. Is it a step forward? Life will show.


Tatiana Tarasova declined to comment.



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3 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva left from coach Eteri Tutberidze?”

  1. Dishonoronyourcow says:

    She’s going to Brian Orser, who is an excellent coach and doesn’t abuse his pupils.

  2. DD says:

    Hey Alexei Yagudin – yes we know that you are a father of two daughters! You really mention that quite alot (including your creepy interview of Medvedeva post Olympics) that you are a family man and you talk about this all the time. What are you really trying to say?

  3. skating fan says:

    Can you say something more about this situation? I have not heard that she wants to change her coach.

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