Evgenia Medvedeva is included into the team for World Championships 2019

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Russia finally announced the team for Worlds 2019 and now everyone wants to comment on this decision)

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Vice President of FFKR:

  • The decision of the Executive Committee was made on a basis of sports principals. We decided to choose the skaters not by performances, but by the principle of sport. Everything is decided by the coaching council, then the decision was discussed by the Executive Committee. It could agree with this or express its opinion.

Do you consider fair the way of approving the team by voting?

  • Well, how? There was the decision of the coaching council, which was approved by the Executive Committee. We could have gave preference for some previous results, but at the moment the other guys performed better, and maybe they will also continue to win. I think that we should always act on the sports principle.

by sport-express.ru

Evgeni Rukavitsin:

  • I can imagine what a difficult task the Federation of figure skating faced. I respectfully accept it. Because it was made according to the sports principle, the Russian Cup Final was held, the athletes were informed that this was the selection for World Championships, Medvedeva won. So it’s hard to add anything, I believe that this decision is an objective one.

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Alexander Zhulin:

  • This year I took the position that everything should be like at competitions. Everyone should go according to the placement. My vote is for Medvedeva.

So the Russian Cup Final was decisive for you?

  • Yes. Tuktamysheva had a great performance in the free program, but Medvedeva also skated very well, tried a combination triple Salchow – triple loop, which is new to her. There was a small technical mistake, but she can do it well at Worlds.

So does victory at the Russian Cup Final outweigh the Grand Prix Final and a good start of the season?

  • First, we must look who is better prepared at the moment. If Konstantinova had taken, for example, the third place at the European Championship, no one would have been replaced, she would have gone to Worlds. But since she had failed short program there and free program here, the federation began to take some actions.

There are talks than Medvedeva was judged a bit generously. Do you think so or not?

  • No, absolutely. That’s because Eugene is a two-time world champion, this has not been canceled, the quality of skating has not gone away, it is wonderful. This is mature skating. This is a real leader. This season was a little bit unlucky for her, a change of coach, this played a role. She becomes better from competitions to competitions.

Does the status of the two-time world champion play a role in the selection?

  • Of course.

by Dmitri Kuznetsov for sport-express.ru

Brian Orser:

  • Now I’m very pleased! The selection process was interesting and fair. Now we return to work with a clear understanding of the situation. See you in Japan.

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