Evgenia Medvedeva: I like wide clothes, wearing them I feel like Thumbelina

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Evgenia Medvedeva told what style of clothing she prefers, and also why she changed the short program before the Russian Nationals.

– Mostly I wear sportswear. For me, the most important thing is comfort. So it should be comfortable, and it is desirable that it looks stylish.

Recently, I try to combine styles. I can wear jeans with sneakers,jacket and a wide coat. In general, I feel much more comfortable in wide clothes. I think girls will understand me, in such things you feel like Thumbelina. Because it feels like clothes are five sizes larger, and you are so small in them.

I love tight clothes for trainings on the ice, it’s important for me to see the silhouette.


How difficult is it to get used to a new dress for competitions?

– Depends on the fabric, weight, skirt length, width of sleeves. This is all very individual. For me, the main thing is that the dress is thin, light, and even if it is tight somewhere the fabric should stretch well.

What made you change the short program before the Russian Nationals?

– Brian and I looked at my short program from the outside. We all liked it, but we realized that, perhaps, I’m not ready yet for such global changes, the dramatic image is closer to me. And we asked Misha Ge to help, began to discuss music, it was all very compact, there was not much time – only three weeks before the Russian Nationals.

Is there any chance that you will keep this short program for the next season?

– Yes.

by Maria Selenkova for sports.ru, original interview by Maria Komandnaya


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