Evgenia Medvedeva: I have a disgusting feelings from my performance

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Short comment from Evgenia Medvedeva about test skates.

Evgenia: I have a disgusting feelings from my performance of the free program. Everything went completely out of the plan. I think everyone who saw my program before understood that, Brian (Orser) didn’t understand what was happening. I also.

In general, I’m at home! Now I skated on 20%, 15% from what I can. I understand it. To say what happened – it would be foolish to call some reason, there can be no justification. But it’s he beginning of the season, Brian and I work have been working intensively for only a month and a half. After four months of rest, when the head was turned off. The impressions are great. It seems to me that they (the audience) supported only me … They waited for me! It’s such a feeling – so cool!

by Andrei Simonenko rsport.ria.ru


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