Evgenia Medvedeva: Figure skating always brings me pleasure

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Translation of an interview with Evgenia Medvedeva.

Evgenia: When I was little, the doctors advised my mother to engage me in sports: either swimming or figure skating. Mom was a skater, she knew this world well and, so she brought me to the skating rink. I was three then. By the way, I learned to swim not so long ago.

Since I was five I remember well myself on the ice. The most vivid memory from childhood? Probably, how we was learning sit spin. This is not the most complicated element, ordinary spin on a bent leg. But for some reason I did not manage to do it for a long time. And the girl, who was much younger, did everything almost from the first attempt. I was very upset.

At the very first training with Eteri Tutberidze turned out that actually I can’t do anything. I have wrong axel and salchow. I learned everything from the beginning. But I even liked it. Eteri Georgievna helped to understand that figure skating for me is serious and for a long time.

We have very warm relations. She’s demanding, but at the same time she takes care of me and very closely follows everything that may affect my health, my shape in one or another way. I also can come to her with some domestic questions. I keep throng with her daughter Diana, we can go shopping, drink coffee.

Recently a lot was written about Eteri Georgievna and you. What was the most surprising?

– Probably, that they do not feed me to restrain growth before the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Nothing but laughter, it does not cause. Now it’s lunch time. In the menu – borscht with meat and tea with oatmeal cookies. I eat normally. It’s impossible otherwise with my regime.

Can you afford to argue with the coach?

– Almost never. And if suddenly something like this happens, I stand back because I realize that Eteri Georgievna has more experience. In addition, from the side it is always seen better.

At the Russian Championships you did an extra combination, at the European Championships, also experimented, while you admitted that Eteri Georgievna didn’t know about this plans. Didn’t she see this as a violation of discipline?

– I do not think that she could have such thoughts. There was just a question: “Why?”

Really, Why?

– I wanted to cheer up the audience. And I also know that Eteri Georgievna is always for doing a little more. If I did not feel strength in myself, I would not go for it.

The most important advice that Eteri Georgievna gave you?

– The same advice is relevant in life and in sports: “Even if it’s hard, get up and continue doing. And never stop.” This reflects her philosophy of life. I also think that in any life situation one must at least try to overcome oneself.

Can you cry because of helplessness?

– I have this. I think every person cries, regardless of whether it’s woman or a man. All have difficult moments. And sometimes it’s very hard to restrain yourself. At the same time, I really do not like being pitied, especially sweetly, like a little puppy: “My dear, well, cry, it will become easier.” It annoys me. For me, tears are not so much a demonstration of weakness as an outlet for emotions, after which you feel renewed and realize that not everything is so bad

About her free program:

– For me, this story is tragic. I’m told that a loved one will never return. My perception of this program does not change from the very beginning. I just get more and more get into this image.

Eteri Georgievna had a terrible experience. In April 1995, she was in Oklahoma, when there was a terrorist attack. Did she tell you anything about those events?

– No. We did not touch on this topic. But she helped me to feel the free program this season. She knows how important for me to understand what I’m skating.

What in the modern world upsets you the most?

– Absolute cynicism of some personalities. And selfish behavior. I would like more sincerity in words and deeds. I do not understand why people do not say what they really feel.

What can psyche you out?

– When a completely unfamiliar person tries to speak to me before the competition. At this moment I do not like to talk at all. I shut myself in my thoughts. When they pull me out of these thoughts, it becomes unpleasant. I also get annoyed when I talk to a person and he starts to twitch, spin, fidget in the chair, click the pen.

Do you see this as an insincerity?

– No. I see that a person is uncomfortable with me, though I try to be open.

It is very easy to get hooked on social network. How do you protect yourself from this?

– Even if I really want to be in an illusory world, I will not succeed. I have family, friends. In this case they will say that it’s time to get out of the phone. In addition, I do not have much time to soak myself into it: there are training sessions, there is studying. Think I’m not in danger.

But do you see this as a problem? People with the same instagram try to be better, more interesting than in real life.

– My instagram does not differ from my life. But there is really a problem. There are a lot of completely dependent people who are fixated on external effects. Make a shot and then pay for a photoshop to somehow change their appearance. It turns out they deceive themselves. And, probably, this is the main problem – many do not understand that they change only the picture, not themselves or their lives.

I had an experience when they found my address and tried to track me down. People probably thought they were going to make me such a surprise and I’ll be very happy. This is not quite true. At some point, I even began to think that I just have a persecution craze. But no – I was really watched after, seen off to the entrance. Fortunately, everything just stopped itself.

Was it scary?

– No. I saw that the distance is kept. I just don’t understand what did people want to achieve in this way? If you need something, come up and say: “Hello! My name is Petya, I want to take a picture or talk.”  I am very pleased when people came, recognize me, wish good luck, make some surprises. During the Russian Championship, immediately after the short program, I was given a box with figures of sugar mastic – two characters from my favorite anime. They turned out very similar to the heroes. The girl spent 28 hours to create them.

Are there people you would like to come to like this?

– Of course, I also have idols. They are just not from the world of figure skating. For example, my favorite musical group is EXO. Sometimes I even think how I would behave if I saw them. Probably, I would come to them and told that I like them. It’s definitely better than watching from the corner, when you feel awkward and the object of persecution is also feels awkward.

Given your popularity in Asia, I would not be surprised if they know you.

– Oh, I doubt it very much.

Ilya Averbukh in one of the interviews said: “Medvedeva can show even more.” What is he talking about? In the Olympic season, will we see new records?

– Now I don’t think about the Olympics, first I need to finish this season. Make everything worthy. And Ilia probably had in mind the technical component. I, for example, do not jump lutz-toe yet. Figure skating is developing very rapidly. Women’s skating in the level of complexity of the elements is already catching up with the male. Men in general go to some unrealistic level.

Don’t you afraid of competition? The fact that 15-year-old girls will come, as you did come and will outplay you?

– It should be so. So it was with all generations. For me, the most important thing is to continue working. And to understand that I’m doing it well. Figure skating always brings me pleasure, even in the most difficult moments. This is generally a special buzz when you overcome yourself.

by Marina Krylova for matchtv.ru


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