Evgenia Medvedeva: Clean skating, that means a lot

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Tatjana Flade’s interview with Evgenia Medvedeva at NHK Trophy 2017, translation.

Zhenya, how did you feel at this competitions?

– I felt quite confident, because the Japanese audience is always very kind, always supports. I was happy to perform here. Yes, not always everything is easy, but you need to cope with all the difficulties. This makes us stronger.

In the free program, you had an unexpected fall from the first jump. How did you get your mind right and do a combination with another triple flip?

– I just realized that I have no other choice.

Is it difficult to focus on the program, if the first element did not turn out?

– It’s not that difficult, just the self-preservation mode turns on. You realize that you have one chance to do another combination, and you go and do it. Just go and do.

Everyone noticed teips on your feet. Do you feel well?

– In fact, there are minor problems with the right ankle, but we’re solving them, coping. There is nothing terrible. Everything is ok.

What is most important for you at any competitions?

– My most important goal is to show clean performances, not for the scores, but for my internal state, because I want to finish the programs and understand that, yes, the competitions are over and I did the best I could. I want to see the happy faces of my fans, happy faces of parents and coaches, because they know that I did my best. Clean skating, that means a lot. This is a completely different emotions, not like after a not perfect skating.

This time you were nervous in the “kiss & cry”, waiting for scores?

– You always experience exciting moments when you wait for the scores. You always get nervous. And it does not matter whether you skated clean or not.

But don’t you think: am I first or suddenly not?

– No, I do not think about it.

Now there will be a break till the Grand Prix Final. What do you plan on do?

– I would like to gain strength physical and mental and  to work further and prepare for the Grand Prix Final with a new breath of air.

This will be your fifth Final, including junior finals. What does this mean for you?

– Nothing. Just another Grand Prix Final.

So you don’t consider this an achievement?

– I have enough experience, and I think that this experience is positive. I know quite well how these competitions are held, what are the goals. I will go to the Final with calm soul.

Your first junior final was also in Japan, in Fukuoka. Remember?

– Yes, it was unforgettable.

Yuzuru Hanyu got injured at this Grand-prix. Do you want to send him some words?

– Yes, a lot of athletes were very upset that Yuzuru was injured and could not compete here. We do not often meet at competitions, but when this happens, then, as Misha Ge said, the three of us get along really well. Most importantly, I want to wish Yuzuru, not think about anything, to recover and work further with new strengths. I am sure that his relatives will support him. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Your Birthday is soon, how will you celebrate your 18th Birthday?

– No plans. I can’t call a birthday my favorite holiday. I’m pretty calm about this. Perhaps I will celebrate in the circle of close friends. But there won’t be big parties.

And why don’t you like Birthdays?

– My favorite holiday is New Year, because it is full of magic. And on Birthday you just become a year older and that’s it.

by Tatjana Flade for fsrussia.ru


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3 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva: Clean skating, that means a lot”

  1. Bindy says:

    Life seems to be pretty mundane for this young woman. She’s thinks “nothing” about the Grand Prix Final? Are we not supposed to be enjoying fun and excitement and other people when we are, what? 17?? Maybe she doesn’t realise how much joy she brings to others?

  2. David says:

    “And on Birthday you just become a year older and that’s it.”

    Oh well, she’s becoming a cynic. Nothing seems to trouble her.
    In any case Evgenia is really great champion.

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