Evgenia Medvedeva: “Athletes are people who swear like sailors. It’s impossible to reach the Olympics with an attitude like, ‘Fell on your butt? Oh what a pity but it’ll work out next time.'”

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Translation of Evgenia Medvedeva’s comments about ending her career and trying herself on TV.

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Here’s a translation of Evgenia Medvedeva’s comment about ending her sports career.

“There wasn’t a moment when life split into before and after the end of my career. There are athletes who want to retire at their peak after the Olympic Games. My brain works differently. When I couldn’t crawl anymore, I stopped. And it’s the right decision.

You have to leave your field gracefully. I am developing in another area. It’s no less interesting and vibrant.

I wasn’t raised to win something. I was raised to navigate the path well. What has grown has grown,” said Medvedeva.

Evgenia Medvedeva Talks About Opening Up More in the Media Space:

Evgenia Medvedeva also revealed why she has started to open up more in the media space.

“I’ve started to open up a bit more because in life, I am a completely different person. When people met me, they would say, ‘Listen, turns out you’re so cool! On TV, you’re completely different.’ At some point, I started to think that it’s time to open up a little bit.”

“In real life, sports discipline is not really present. By the way, athletes are people who swear like sailors. Because it’s impossible to reach the World Championships and the Olympics with an attitude like, ‘Fell on your butt? Oh what a pity but it’ll work out next time,'” said the two-time world champion in her own YouTube show, “Without Comments”


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