Evgenia Medvedeva about her “Anna Karenina” free program

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Evgenia Medvedeva told about her new free program.

Zhenya, why did you decide to change your free program and chose “Anna Karenina”?

– Initially, we did “Anna Karenina” as an exhibition program. The first time I skated it was in Japanese show. According to the reaction of the public, it was immediately clear that everyone liked the program. I also felt this artistic image. Very beautiful and strong music from the movie “Anna Karenina”, which penetrates into me, in which I really dissolve. Our entire coaching team liked this exhibition program and then for the first time someone said, why not take Karenina for the free program?

It would be wrong to say that the previous arbitrary program, choreographed by Ilia Averbukh, did not work for me.  On the contrary, at the tournament “Ondrej Nepela” it got very good viewers reviews and was highly appreciated by judges and experts.  However, the artistic image of Karenina touched me so much that I decided to change. Together with the coaches we came to the conclusion that free program “Anna Karenina” will be preferable for me in the Olympic season.

The programs for the Olympic season should differs?

– It seems to me that for the programs of the Olympic season it is better to choose strong music and a recognizable artistic image that is understandable not only to compatriots, but to all the rest without translation. Anna Karenina corresponds to this. Maybe not everyone read Lev Tolstoy, but probably many people saw the movie “Anna Karenina” 2012, which received an “Oscar”,  the main role was played by Keira Knightley, outstanding actors starred there – Jude Law and others. I appeal to all fans and professionals of figure skating, take the time and watch this film if you haven’t seen it yet. You will receive a tremendous pleasure. On the ice, I retell this story, and if you watch a movie, everything will be clear to you.

In the program sounds the music from the movie, which was also nominated for the “Oscar” as “Best Music”. It is very strong, soulful, penetrating into the heart. It was always important for me to understand what I’m skating about, what story I’m telling on the ice. The theme “Karenina” – the story of her love, experiences is humanly understandable to me. Such a specific artistic image is unusual for me. It is very interesting for me to work with it.

When was it decided to change the free program?

– After the competition in Bratislava. Then it was decided that the arbitrary should be changed to “Anna Karenina.” Although the decision was not easy. It is clear that taking such steps in the course of the season is rather risky. But the season has just begun, there was enough time.

How much has the new free program changed compared to the exhibition program?

–  The exhibition program is different from the program you are performing with, so we made the necessary changes to the content, jumps were added. But the general message, pattern, step sequences, spins remained the same. Immediately after Bratislava, before the “Japan Open” we started to prepare new program. But since this program is convenient for me to skate, we did everything quickly and with pleasure.

Remind, please, who choreographed “Anna Karenina”?

– Daniel Gleyhengauz. But I want to add that I like Averbukh’s free program. I did not put it in the back box, I do not rule out that in the future I will return to it.

Performance at the “Japan Open”, judging by the scores, confirmed the correctness of this decision?

– PCS for “Anna Karenina” were higher. And I repeat that this program is very convenient for me to skate. I fell in love with the artistic image of the heroine long time ago.  I think, the program is a success. Although, it’s not for us to judge, but for the judges and people who lie figure skating. arbitrators and lovers of figure skating.

by Olga Ermolina for fsrussia.ru


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4 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva about her “Anna Karenina” free program”

  1. OlgaLV says:

    Not about fs. I think Keira Knightly is also too young for portraying Anna. I saw the film, it’s interesting interpretation of famous novel, but can’t say that I would understand it if I haven’t read the novel before.

  2. Carina says:

    “a recognizable artistic image that is understandable not only to compatriots, but to all the rest without translation” I would say it’s a smart move, based more on strategic reasonings rather than personal feelings. I didn’t watch the jumps carefully, hopefully they are up to (her) standards. But the costume is… not very high-quality looking? Exhibition, yes, competition, maybe no?

    Still curious to what Averbukh thinks about the change though :D Since he chose to so ‘exclusively’ choreograph for Evgenia this season…

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think they didn’t have much time to get a new dress. So maybe she’ll wear a new one at Rostelecom cup.
      Interesting fact, she doesn’t only change her program, but also got back to old jumps layout. No all jumps in the second half anymore.

      If she wanted a well recognizable image connected with her country, I think she should have taken Natasha Rostova. It’d be a better choice for 17-18 year-old girl.

      • Lotte says:

        And the music from 2007 tv series by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek is strikingly beautiful!

        As much as I agree that portraying Natasha would be better choice for a teenager, I also think that Anna Karenina is a great Olympic program. It’s not overused, romantic and widely recognised. I know, she made this theme much more shallow than it really is and is way too young to portray Anna but it’s still much more convincing than teenage Carmen or this pseudo-philosophical stuff that Averbukh designed for her.

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