Evgeni Rukavitsin: Both Dmitri Aliev’s programs are lyrical

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Evgeni Rukavitsin told that Dmitri Alive achieved confident and consistent execution of the quad salchow and told about his new programs.

Now we have achieved consistent and confident execution of this element, and at the beginning of the season there are three quad jumps in Dima’s free program -salchow and two quadruple toe loops. There are two options for the short – with lutz and with salchow. At the first competitions we will determine which is best, because now you need to be very careful, with the new system “-5 / + 5” you can get a lot and lose a lot.

We all talked a lot about this issue (rules changes), but now the discussion doesn’t make sense anymore. Probably, there will be those who will perform only triple jumps. The solutions will be different, and it will be interesting. And if the matter is neither in the rating, nor in the name of the athlete, but in the good performance of the programs, then the rules of the game are clear and why not?

About new programs:

We did the programs in Latvia, in Ventspils, it was very pleasant days – we worked on program at night, we had complete freedom on the ice. It was romantic and creative time, interesting work. Both programs are lyrical. We discussed a lot, is right or wrong, we tried different artistic images, but we touched on how Dima lived recently, in what mood he was, and finally stopped on the lyrical style, although we tried completely different themes.

We hope that programs will be accepted and understood, and, running ahead, I can predict questions that our programs are approximately in the same direction. But you need to show your strengths. There will be time and we will open new horizons, for sure.

Dima showed his programs in Japan, the audience really liked them, we got a lot of positive feedback, the programs touched many people. I hope that at the test skates in Moscow our work will be appreciated too.



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