Evgeni Rukavitsin about his junior skaters

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Translation of an interview with Evgeni Rukavitsin about his junior skaters Dmitri Aliev and Alisa Fedichkina.

E.R: We’ve prepared for the season as usual. First, we were at training camp in USA, then in Latvia and Sweden. Training camp for physical trainings was held in Latvian Ventspils, from there we moved to Jelgava, near Riga. Then we’ve trained for ten days in Sweden. Such a standard scheme.

Just for Alisa Fedichkina it was a new version of the summer training camp, because before she hadn’t training camps on physical trainings. In addition, due to injury Alisa spent 6 weeks in a cast, she had to start from the beginning – to recover, strengthen joints, a little bit of everything. Of course, these were associated with some difficulties, but, generally the preparation has gone normally.

Our choreographer Olga Glinka did short programs, Valentin Molotov – free programs. The selection of music was held jointly. However, firstly we made another short program for Dima Aliev. When it was almost ready, we felt that something was wrong. And just at the end of the training camp in Jelgava I came up with a new idea, and I think it’s a right one. On the one hand, the program seemed to be already done, we wanted to finish it, to polish. But still we decided to give it up and do a new one. In my opinion, it was the right move. Dima likes his today’s program, skates it with pleasure, and many experts pointed out that the program suits him. Of course a lot of work has to be done.  But, in general, it’s more or less decently.

Evgeni Rukavitsin, Alisa Fedichkina, Dmirti Aliev

Dima’s short program is to the music of Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion”, free – OST «Man In The Iron Mask». Alisa’s short program is to “Russian Dance” from the ballet “Swan Lake”, for the free program we used parts from musical “Singing in the Rain”.

Speaking about the changes compared to last season, I wouldn’t say about something global. We changed a little bit the jumps contents for Dima and Alisa in the free program. Some difficult elements we put into the second parts of the programs. Dima was given a completely accurate setting to do two quads in the free program. We plan to change Alisa’s program, but now due to the recovery from injury we’ll wait a little.

Now it’s test skates, we’ll listen to expert’s advices and will decide how to proceed.

the source: fsrussia.ru


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