Evgeni Plushenko: Adelina Sotnikova is to miss 2017-2018 season

Posted on 2017-08-28 • 4 comments


Can’t say that it was unexpected, but here’s an announcement that Adelina Sotnikova is to skip the season 2017-2018.

That’s what her coach Evgeni Plushenko said:

This season Adelina Sotnikova won’t compete due to injury. We all hoped that we would heal this injury, but, unfortunately, it did not happen. Injury still bothers, we don’t have full practices, in such situation it’s not right to go to competitions.


Now it’s necessary to heal the injury which still exists due to the fact that, unfortunately, diagnosis was incorrect. Adelina has not recovered, and this injury bothers her. She had a rupture of the ligament (ankle) and a bone fracture in the foot. First we thought that Adelina will quickly recover from this injury. Initially, they didn’t give her a cast, and in general a completely different diagnosis was made.

And a comment from Tarasova:

I really love Adelina. She skates beautifully. But now women’s single skating is completely different. She will never compete, I don’t believe in it. I would like to be wrong, but, unfortunately, I am always right in such things. I would like to see Adelina, but, unfortunately, the reality is that she will not compete.

I do not play these games anymore. They play, but I do not. I’m not interested. I am a serious person, I understand what sports, training, competitions are. And I do not understand why they are playing. They are outstanding athletes, Olympic champions. Why? She skates well, she has show, they have their school? What to expect, when people are skating absolutely differently now?

We look forward to the future. I do not see Adeline there. It’s just even ridiculous. I can not say more on this topic, it makes me laugh. How long have we waited for Zhenya, now for Adelina? It’s not serious.



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4 Responses to “Evgeni Plushenko: Adelina Sotnikova is to miss 2017-2018 season”

  1. Гость says:

    Сотникова позорная пиарщица. Трепло а не спортсменка. Тьфу на тебя,приспосоленка-приживалка Сборной.

  2. Гость says:

    Сотникова липовая “чемпионка”, вытянутая за уши домашними судьями на ОИ. Блатная,распиаренная пустышка!

  3. lala says:

    Adelina is Olympic Champion. Buyanova said: “if you step on the ice as an Olympic champion you have to be on that level.” Probably she can’t step on that level now because of the undoubted injury. Right decision. Madame Tarasova is happy if she can criticise Plushenko and it seems she connected Adelina to him. ;) Plushenko and Adelina are working together since 5 months.Only. Maybe this conclusion was too early…

    • FS Gossips says:

      Back in 2014 I knew that it was over. It seemed obvious for me….but I do believe that Adelina herself believed/wanted to believe that she want to continue, want to skate and can come back. It’s always hard to quit the thing you’ve been doing for all your life and start something new. Maybe she didn’t try hard enough, maybe she didn’t fight much …..but looking at what happened with Julia who did….I’m happy for Adelina. That moment of glory opened a door into different life for her, life of TV shows, projects, meeting with people, probably earning some money. And I can’t blame her that she used that chance. Maybe in different country, with less competition she could have returned, but not in Russia(

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