Evgeni Plushenko: Adelina plans to participate in the test skates in September

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Who missed coach Plushenko? Recently he’s gavin another comment about his star-student Adelina Sotnikova. This time quite encouraging one.

According to Evgeni, they’re planning to participate in the test skates in September:

Adelina returned to trainings after an injury and ready to move on. We plan to participate in the test skates of Russian national team, we need to show up there to get an assesment of our work from the federation and specialists. It’s necessary. We really want to have time to do everything, to be fully recovered and come to Sochi in September to show the short and the free program. This is my plan, and this is Adelina’s plan.

She had a small fracture in the foot, unfortunately, at the beginning of our work the ligaments of the ankle suffered. We hardly begun to train as it happened. Now we are ready and believe in ourselves, but it is important for us to understand how the trauma will react to the loads. If it turns out that everything is ok with her health, then she will return to the national team and will perform at the highest level. Adelina is a great athlete and a great girl.

If the injury interferes a little in our training plans, we will still work and strive to perform at the test skates in Sochi.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for rsport.ru

About possibility of continuation of Adelina’s sporting career:

I do not want to run ahead and boast that everything is fine. We have some difficult moments, it’s always difficult to recover after an injury. Adelina is a great fighter. To win the Olympic Games and then return back to sport is very difficult. Especially since her first return did not turn out the way it was expected. But the story does not end there and, maybe, we will plan the preparation for the next Olympic cycle, which will begin after Pyeongchang.

Of course we focus on the Olympic Games in 2018, but this requires a lot of serious efforts.

About Adelina’s new programs:

We started to do the programs a month and a half ago, Emanuel Sandhu choreographed both short and free program. But, unfortunately, there was an injury and choreographing process was hold up. But soon Emanuel returns to Russia and he will continue to work with Adelina.

Another very good choreographer also works with Adelina. I won’t tell his name yet, but he will participate in the  polishing of the programs. Also we will invite specialists from classical ballet and modern dance for this work, because not only figure skaters should participate in the choreographing of the programs.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for rsport.ru

It’s great to hear that Adelina recovered from injury and plan to show up at the test skates. But I don’t quite understant how all this plans complies with participation in different media-activities such as TV-project Top-mini models.


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4 Responses to “Evgeni Plushenko: Adelina plans to participate in the test skates in September”

  1. Judith says:

    I so want to believe in her return. She is still the best Russian lady IMO. Obviously not in her competitive results this quad, but in her overall talent in every dimension. I wish her full healing and am glad Plushenko is behind her. He doesnt mess around.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well, at least Adelina looks like an acting athlete. I mean in terms of physical shape. I don’t know, maybe she keeps in shape to look great at glam events she attends, but still….at least she doesn’t have problems with that.

  2. Carina says:

    Yeah of all the skaters I follow on social media, Adelina is one of those that update most frequently and nothing is about skating. Most competing skaters have already returned from holidays and started training and polishing new programs, and some are actually doing ice shows on the side (Fantasy on Ice).

    I really don’t feel optimistic that Adelina will be ready to compete in the next season.

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