“Everything is played on the field of one group” Natalia Bestemianova about unfair judging at the Russian Nationals

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Olympic champion in ice dance Natalia Bestemianova on the air of “Match TV” expressed doubts about the objectivity of judgment at the Russian Nationals.

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source: matchtv.ru dd. 29th December 2021

Natalia Bestemianova: Tuktamysheva lost everything in her short program when she failed the triple axel. But in a free program, I would have chosen between Shcherbakova and Tuktamysheva. In my opinion, Anna’s components were very boosted. With such mistakes, you can’t have almost 10 for components. This is wrong. Of course they helped her.

For some reason, earlier, over the decades, juniors participating in the Russian Nationals could have won it. And it was not shameful. Now, of course, Valieva is beyond competition, but for some reason no one noticed Trusova’s under rotations, as well as the edge on the flip. When she trained with Plushenko, everyone saw that this wasn’t a flip, but a lutz, and now they don’t see. It turns out that Petrosian and Samodelkina with three quads for some reason placed behind the three winners. It was very unfair to the juniors.

For some reason, Muravieva was in second place after the short program, and Shcherbakova was in third. How did the head judge not notice at first the late start of two seconds and then noticed it. This speaks that everything is played on the field of one group, and everyone else needs to be a head and shoulders above.

Tuktamysheva was underscored in a free program, in a short program – no. Shcherbakova was the world champion of last year and she was supported, Tuktamysheva is also a world champion, but she wasn’t supported. I’m for the sporting principle at the Russian Nationals. I think that Samodelkina should have been in third place. She sobbed in the evening, banging her head against the wall. How could you do three quadruple jumps and not be in the top three? How could you clip the wings of athletes and coaches just like that?


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3 Responses to ““Everything is played on the field of one group” Natalia Bestemianova about unfair judging at the Russian Nationals”

  1. Václav Sedláček says:

    Seems like even Besti doesn’t know how the score is counted, what is the BV and that the fact that someone has two triple axels in the free program doesn’t mean he will have a higher score than someone who don’t. The program has 12 elements, not two, and honestly, one of Liza’s Axels was in a 3A+2T combo,m which has lower value than any of Anna’s combos and the other 3A was UR. anna may not have delivered a quad, but still her program was much more difficult and thus her BV was 10 points higher than Liza’s. So Liza spent 10 points of GOE just to get on Anna’s basic level, then what remained to Anna was to reach more than the rest of Liza’s GOE (5 points). As for components, the rules say you can’t get 10 with a fall, which Anna did not receive, but she could receive 9.75, there’s nothing impossible and in fact even not unusual.
    But I doubt Besti doesn’t know or understand that, she’s just bitching once again against her hated team.

  2. Carolina says:

    Thank you for this interview.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Totally agreed. It was a pre-determined event in women’s competition. What a shame.

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