“Everyone who brought this girl to such a state must be found and judged. And better – whip them publicly on Red Square. Scum.” Russian specialists about Kamila Valieva

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Russian coaches and specialists about Kamila Valieva’s performance in the individual competitions at the Olympics.

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Elena Buyanova: As for Valieva, I think that no adult can withstand such an onslaught. What they did to the girl. Of course, she is so psychologically exhausted!

Kamila will always be with the people. Of course, for us she is a heroine, but, of course, it will not be easier for her. Because the Olympics were stolen from her. All of us in CSKA – adults and children – sat and watched. Everyone has tears in their eyes. To break the girl so much.

source: matchtv.ru

Natalia Bestemiyanova: I’m insanely horrified! What they did to Valieva. They just hounded her, it’s hard to even think about it.

This is just the collapse of the entire doping system that now exists. It is a crime! I have nothing more to say.

source: RB sport

Alexander Zhulin: This is a tragedy! What they have arranged is the destruction of a child and a person. I have never seen Kamila so lost. They have to live with it.

I expected Kamila to cope, but all the worries was superimposed on her. Whatever they wanted, they did. The IOC and WADA destroyed and removed the biggest star of figure skating. It’s to tears.

source: championat.com

Tatiana Navka: After all, Kamila is only 15 years old. Imagine how much it will make her stronger. She knows and feels it herself. She is a very strong person.

She’s so small and she’s already been through so much. With all my heart I wish her and her parents to calmly go through the pitch hell that lies ahead.

I hope that these nomenklaturians will make a fair decision. I wish that they did not take away the Olympic team medal. I hope Kamila continues her wonderful journey.

How can we know whether she’s broken or not. Of course, she broke, as it seems to us. Only she knows inside herself what’s really going on.

source: sport-express.ru

Choreographer of the group Eteri Tutberidze Alexei Zheleznyakov: Kamila will return home, and I hope that our government will thank this unique girl for all that she has experienced during these hellish days.

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Russian ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova also supported Kamila Valieva

Anastasia Volochkova: The adults who mocked Valieva are the one to blame for her forth place. She could have taken the gold medal. At the Olympics the whole world watches you.

She was mocked because she drank or did not drink something. Sports communities, stop touching athletes and their awards.

It’s sad to see this whole situation. The Olympics are held every four years, the girl has been striving for so many years. And they killed this spirit in the girl. I want to say words of support to Kamila. She is the best.

source: matchtv.ru

“Match TV” commentator Georgy Cherdantsev: Everyone who brought this girl to such a state must be found and judged. And better – whip them publicly on Red Square. Scum.

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3 Responses to ““Everyone who brought this girl to such a state must be found and judged. And better – whip them publicly on Red Square. Scum.” Russian specialists about Kamila Valieva”

  1. Robbin says:


  2. Eder says:

    It’s very comforting to see that many athletes understand what Valieva is going through. I sat here in my home this morning without knowing anything. When Valieva started, I expected to see light and talent, but her face was serious and her first arm movements were rushed, nonexpressive, perhaps even angry. I became paralyzed with shock as she continued. Falling or making mistakes is something she doesn’t normally do. I am a musician: when I feel emotionally disturbed, it’s VERY difficult to perform and bring light to people. Of course she gave up during the program, I would’ve done the same, because there’s no more energy, no enthusiasm, no more charisma when you know a single mistake can cost you something you’ve been working hard to attain for years. I thought: “she must be feeling so humiliated…” After her performance, I searched for an explanation and finally it made some sense. I feel angry and horrified because of what happened to her.

  3. Frenchie says:

    “And better – whip them publicly on Red Square.” I agree with him. But Eteri has amassed so much power that it will be difficult to get her to submit to being punished in this manner.
    Deserve it, she does though. The “doctor” as well, of course, as well as every single adult in charge who knew what was being done to Kamila – and likely all these poor girls. It is child abuse, no more, no less. Scum indeed.

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