European Championships 2018. Ladies SP. Pairs FP

Posted on 2018-01-19 • 6 comments


Today was a day of disappointments and tough battle “Expectations vs reality”.

39 ladies it’s insanely a lot) I watched them all so I deserve a medal for courage.

Giade Russo again has very interesting choreography, perhaps too difficult for her, but very interesting. Just watch her step sequence.

Loena Hendricks was one of few who definitely worth watching even with popped jump. She can perform.

Maria Sotskova wasn’t as bad as I expected. She looks great on the ice, her nice and long lines draw your attention. But Tchaikovsky was much stronger than her and this wasn’t her best skating, so I got bored by the minute 1.

Evgenia just flighs across the ice, all here moves are accurate and musical.. But small. Her ice coverage isn’t the best also. In my opinion she looks more impressive on tv. Oh and this “Come back”….. When you watch it live the impression is even worse) It’s hard to pretend that you haven’t heard that.

May I just say this? Alina Zagitova’s ss…. Well some girls from second 10th have better ss. It was a horrible discovery. Ouch. She almost stops during step sequence… How much she got for SS? Oh come on that’s ridiculous.

My moment of this day was Carolina’s short program. She was the only one I gave a standing ovation. This was so beautiful and I’m glad I had an opportunity to see her skating. This was one of those performances when you don’t think that skating skills could have been better or what did they do with the music or why does she do such strange moves, no you just enjoy.


Honestly I don’t even want to talk about that. Just shame. Aliona was 100% right deciding not to go.


6 Responses to “European Championships 2018. Ladies SP. Pairs FP”

  1. Kashmir says:

    Evgenia’s program was definitely shaky, and to be honest the Europeans didn’t go down how I thought it would. I feel like the skaters are beginning to crack under the pressure of it being an Olympic season. Everything just seemed off. And Janny’s jumps didn’t have much height either. Does that make sense?

    • FS Gossips says:

      As for Evgenia. Well, first it was hard to pretend I don’t hear this “Come back”… just ruins a lovely program. Second, her jumps didn’t look impressive (both in short and free), she has nice skating, and great lines and musicality, but all her moves look small, she definitely looks more impressive on tv.

  2. skating fan says:

    I really enjoyed your quick notes. I hope you do a full review :)

  3. OlgaLV says:

    Pairs FP was a disaster to watch- so unfair to treat French pair! I think Russians will get ‘punished’ in some way in further competitions. I feel really sorry for Vanessa and Morgan!
    And Ksenia needs good psychoterapist and then everything will be OK with her jumps.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Now, after all this news about Ksenia, I start to think that probably she and Russian skating federation have already known it( Thats why they did everything possible to place Zabijako/Enbert third.

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