European Championships 2017: pairs’ review

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Championships in Czech Ostrava passed for me without beer and something delicious. I don’t drink beer, and as for food, it’s impossble to eat when Tarasova is constantly complaining and reminding about weight) Actually I was so into US and Canadian Nationals that almost forgot about European Championships. Maybe because I considered it boring and didn’t expect that it can surprise me. Well, now I know: call a competitions boring and predictable, be prepared for surprises.

Surprises started from pairs

Yuri Larionov in a suit, behind the board looks better that he has ever looked on the ice. Alexander Smirnov with a new hair cut look damn handsome. With such a hot coach who cares what skaters do on the ice) But for Lithuanian pair it’d be much better if Alexander decided who is he. Coach or skater?

Finally Aliona Savchenko got a strong competitor in terms of “love to figure skating, desire to skate and compete”. Mother of three children (!)  Zoe Jones was so impressive that I got a desire to slip down of the couch and at least do some exercises.

Belarusian fans of TV series gave me a light feeling of sadness. Oh, I will miss the boys from Baker Street … season of Game of Thrones isn’t soon and I’m not even talking about the book(  By the way, open the intrigue, whom you portray in the free program? Just too curiously) Oh, we’re talking about sport here…..ok, well done, you placed in the top-10.

When Matteo Guarise will take off this horror called costume?! He’s such a handsome guy, their pair have nice lines and interesting programs, but the only thing from the short pgoram that I can remember is his man-burn costume!

Young Czechs Anna Duskova / Martin Bidar are charming and touching. Have improved a lot since Junior Grand-Prix Final and had a very decent debut in seniors in front of the home crowd. In SP Anna even had a nice tights … ..but the awful ones returned in the free program( That’s sad. But I’ll cheer for the guys at Worlds, hope they will get what they want – the spot for Olympics.

Valentina Marchei is a star and each her appearance on the ice is an emotional fireworks. And it’s great. But why Ondrej suddenly began to slouch and Valentina forgot that she is from single skating and actually can jump?

Zabijako / Enbert are incredibly beautiful pair. SP is a perfect match, but FP only highlights that they try hard to show their best and skate diligently as a pupils. It’s good, but it’s not enough. To fight with top pairs they need to add speed, amplitude, freedom of skating. But definitely it was their best performance this season.

Stolbova / Klimov‘s programs are very haute couture. Sophisticated and stylish. I have a feeling that now Russian fans will proclaim Smekalov a new panacea in choreography. For everyone from single skaters to ice dancers) I don’t see at all any tragedy in fourth place. Now it’s necessary to get in shape, “fix” the throw and prepare for the World Championships. In the end, this is only second competition for them after a pretty long break.

Vanessa James / Morgan Cipres removed every single rhinestone from their costumes and shone like never before. I like this pair and I often get upset when they lacked a little bit to get on the podium. I also love their free program, this song keeps playing in my head. Frankly, I didn’t believe that they can skate it clean.  But they did. Probably, it was the most pleasant surprise of the Championships. Vanessa’s body is an unattainable ideal and the reason of my endless envy. It seems she can’t look even more beautiful. Turned out that actually she can…….you know, medals suit her so much!

Actually all the last warm-up was fantastic like it wasn’t a European Championships) But Savchenko / Massot‘s free program left the strongest impression. I was charmed and got carried away. It was some kind of Papadakis-Cizeron effect……This time even Bruno wasn’t distractive. I also liked that he tucked the shirt,  so he looked smaller and more harmoniously with Aliona. Okay, okay Bruno is improving and hopefully Bruno learned German in order to pass the test for citizenship. Ah almost forgot to mention, Aliona also wins the nomination “Best dress of pairs’ event”.

In the short program Tarasova / Morozov looked young, fresh, playful and made a very powerful impression. In the free program on the background of smartly dressed rivals with their exclusive programs Evgenia and Vladimir looked as poor relatives from province. It’s a pity. Well, it’s already nothing you can do with the program, but at least they can fork out on nice costumes for European Champions! But I doubt it’ll happen, seems they consuder this fashion disaster a lucky one.

To be continue…..


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10 Responses to “European Championships 2017: pairs’ review”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    I see lots of potential in Nicole and Matteo but agree better costumes are a must!

    Zabijako and Enbert just seem so fragile on the ice. I like them, but they need to skate with more power. They have what it takes!

    Stolbova and Klimov, no tragedy? For a few minutes I cried bitterly over fourth place! But it’s what they deserved and I know they can skate better. It’s their first international competition of the year. Not bad at all. And their programs are well done, looked very mature and competitive. I have gotten used to the free and I like it more every day. I just wish that all their jumps would come together and the lifts wouldn’t be so scary! (He has a wrist injury right now, so when he picks her up, I pray that he doesn’t drop her). Come on, my babies! Don’t let me down!

    Vanessa and Morgan have great jumps and elements. It was such a powerful performance in the free that I could forgive them for beating Stolbova/Klimov haha. Vanessa has got to be the most beautiful girl in pair skating (ducking before the other feisty pair girls hit me) and I love watching her. (And Morgan isn’t half bad looking either, but to me Vanessa is the star). I can sense that they still need some help on these small things – the skating skills aren’t quite as strong as the top pairs yet – but overall they left a strong impression on me.

    Savchenko and Massot…okay, so Aliona is a goddess, Bruno is the gentle giant who picks her up and shows her off like the jewel that she is. I love everything about this pair. At first I wasn’t so sure but now I am absolutely Team Savchenko-Massot. (Meagan Duhamel, stop giving me those dirty looks!)

    As far as Tarasova/Morozov, they are GREAT skaters. But what is with these huge scores? I don’t agree. They look like young technical skaters who can jump with the adults but lack some of the skating skills. I don’t agree with their PCS being as high as Savchenko/Massot’s or Stolbova/Klimov’s. And don’t get me started on the costumes…But on a good note, they’re a strong consistent pair and they will probably medal at Worlds.

    This was one of the most THRILLING events of my young life, and I hope to see half this much competition at the World Championships! This is so exciting. This is why I watch figure skating.
    (And that sound in the background is Meagan Duhamel plotting revenge)

    • FS Gossips says:

      “Stolbova and Klimov, no tragedy? For a few minutes I cried bitterly over fourth place! ”
      I just didn’t expect them to come back and just start winning everything. The competition is very strong now. Well, I also didn’t think that they will finish out of the podium. But only because I didn’t expect Vanessa and Morgan perform so good.

      Are you getting ready for the Worlds?) Do you have enough chocolates?)

      • Mad for Skating says:

        Well, I think I was a little optimistic in thinking they could come back and win everything. But fourth was a huge shock for me. At the same time, I’m happy that Vanessa and Morgan finally got everything together.

        I will need many boxes of chocolate to make it through Worlds – I already needed a few pieces to handle fourth place here! And thank you for showing concern for my well-being :)

        • FS Gossips says:

          Well, I’ll need someone to bring me to senses after Worlds) I doubt that simple chocolate will help, unless it has some alcohol filling. Since I am an adult)
          I think I should ask Eric Radford which drink goes the best with his music. Eric is kind, he should help)

          • Mad for Skating says:

            Oh, I can imagine! I still have 7 years before it’s legal to drink in America, and that’s probably a good thing :) I just find the sinful indulgence of chocolate very comforting. (Though eating chocolate while looking at Vanessa’s ultra-fit body is kind of tough)
            Oh, I’m sure Eric will understand. He knows more than we do how it is to be nervous before competition – he’s actually competing!

            • FS Gossips says:

              “Oh, I’m sure Eric will understand. He knows more than we do how it is to be nervous before competition – he’s actually competing!”
              Dear Eric, which drink goes best with your music and Patrick’s skating? I’m hesitating between wine and champagne) Yeah I’ shoulld ask him)

              But then I’ll think of “Vanessa’s ultra-fit body” and how much calories in wine or champagne)

              • Mad for Skating says:

                Oh, yes. But I’m sure Vanessa has her occasional glass of wine or champagne too :) They’re all still people, just like us.

  2. OlgaLV says:

    While we are talking about old-fashioned costumes of Tarasova/Morozov,they win titles one after another.
    By the way, among all super new programs their FP looks quite exclusive. ;)

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