Eteri Tutberidze stopped working with doctor Philip Shvetsky

Posted on 2022-10-26 • 2 comments


Eteri Tutberidze stopped working with doctor Philip Shvetsky.


source: Telegram of journalist Vladislav Zhukov

This was reported by journalist Vladislav Zhukov, citing a source familiar with the situation. According to him, at the same time, Shvetsky retains the position of Russian national figure skating team doctor and will be present at the competitions.

“The reason was the discrepancies in questions of professional competence. Both Philip and Eteri Georgievna thought about ending their cooperation even before flying to Beijing (where the 2022 Olympics were held –, so this is an old story.

They parted well, by mutual agreement of the parties. This has nothing to do with Kamila Valieva.”


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2 Responses to “Eteri Tutberidze stopped working with doctor Philip Shvetsky”

  1. Moorwright says:

    I think it’s weird and creepy that this guy was always lurking around. Especially right next to a 15 year old figure skater.
    Not saying there was any misconduct but what in terest would he have in her?
    What connection would he have with her to be right there all the time? To render medical assistance?? Again, I do not believe there was any misconduct of a sexual nature. But there must be something else to it. What other reason(s) could there be for his constant presence??

  2. DMP says:

    Oh, sure, nothing to do with Valieva. Hmmm. Okay. Whatever you say.

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