Eteri Tutberidze: I have a feeling that Orser challenged me

Posted on 2018-05-07 • 17 comments


Yesterday one of Russian main TV-channels showed an interview with Eteri Tutberidze where she confirmed that Evgenia Medvedeva is leaving her. Some statements from the interview:

Of course, the rumors were blowing, by that time I have already texted  Zhenya, but she didn’t answer either my sms or calls. Therefore, after watching the news on the Channel one, I realized that Zhenya had left us.

It should be just a belief in the coach, daily belief in the result, not some imposing conditions. If she imposing some conditions or does not respond to SMS, calls then parting with Zhenya is probably inevitable. The athlete shows reluctance.

It’s probably some challenge from Orser, because in an interview he said that Trusova is a short-term phenomenon, well, whatever the phenomenon she is, she made history. She skated, she went and jumped, made two quadruples clean. Well, come and admit it, say: “Well done, girl!”. Therefore, I have a feeling that Orser challenged me. – Eteri said.

They also showed some screens of Eteri’s phone with SMS with no response. And now my “favorite” part of Eteri’s comments:

Just after Zhenyu left the Olympics ice she said a completely childish phrase: “Couldn’t you  have kept Zagitova in juniors for another year?”

I said: “Zhenya, what are you talking about? We have to give everyone equal chances. We have no right to keep a person like this”.

What do I think about this situation? It was so predictable. I don’t what to judge, or choose parties. My personal opinion is they all know what they were signing up for and it’s too late to put a good face on things. Be prepared for many interviews and comments. I’ll try to keep your update and make some translations.


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17 Responses to “Eteri Tutberidze: I have a feeling that Orser challenged me”

  1. Alex says:

    So, now after we have seen how Orser destroyed evgenia in less than 6 months, we can maybe even phantom that Orser deceived Evgenia telling her he will help her, yet subtly he is ruining her to get at Eteri. Silly Evgenia believed him.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well, I wouldn’t blame Orser. He’s great coach, but he isn’t a wizard. Evgenia had a tough season, she was injured and hadn’t a proper summer preparation because of it. In such situation it’s hard to expect her skating at her previous level. It’s simply impossible and I don’t think she would have shown much better results if she had stayed with Eteri.The only thing I consider mistake are Zhenya’s programs.

  2. Crabe93 says:

    Whatever Zhenya really said, it is really not professionnal from Eteri’s sied to reveal that private conversation. Also, one can’t really take that seriously things a teenager said in a moment when she was full of huge emotions, because you don’t really control what you say in those moments.

  3. Kashmir says:

    Eteri is incredibly immature about the situation, attempting to put Janny into a negative light. They were wrong on both behalfs in a sense. It’s sad to see them part in such a negative light. But Janny deserves the chance to move on.

    • FS Gossips says:

      She does this every time. I guess no one manages to leave her without reading then nasty things about themselves in Eteri’s interview. So I think Zhenyu should have been be morally prepared for such situation.

  4. Saskia van den Bergh says:

    I don’t thnk Brian Orser is a person who challenges people. He seems to me that he is a very good and professional coach. Indeed let us not make things akward for in the future. The skating world is rough enough as it is.

  5. Saskia van den Bergh says:

    I agree. The results were very disappointing for Evgenia. Only with real wise and professional coaching one could handle this. And even then…… the situation is difficult. You can see this Julia Lipniskaya and Gracie Gold. I don’t think it is a personal matter. Tutberidze should know. And I thins it is best to keep the honor to one self. And not throw with mud.
    Evgenia is indeed free to make her own choice. In het statement she wants to keep skating.
    I think she made a very good wih Brian Orser. He seems to me a good coach. I am glad that Evgenia keeps skating. Ik shows that she keeps believing in herself. Sje made a very nide statement in her annoucement. No negativity at all for Tutbeidze only gratitude. Keep your head high Evgenia and keep believing in yourself. I wish you all the best! A fan fron Holland.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Yes, she’s probably really disappointed with her 2d place at the Olympics, but I don’t think is fair when Zhenya’s fans says that Eteri betrayed her. But what should she has done? Kick Alina out of the group?

  6. Carina says:

    Well it’s official! Evgenia left Eteri Tutberidze for Brian Orser, but she will continue to represent Russia.

    “I want to thank Eteri Georgievna and the entire coaching staff for a long, fruitful, sometimes very difficult work” Well at least someone is be courteous…

    The full statement is on FSRussia, it’s basically all positivity except when mentioning her injuries.

  7. OlgaLV says:

    The one thing is clear that this split up was with negative emotions for both sides and Tutberidze makes some bad comments trying to reveal ‘real face’ of Evgenia. That’s not mature from a coach like she is.

  8. jimmbboe says:

    “…because in an interview he said that Trusova is a short-term phenomenon, well, whatever the phenomenon she is, she made history.”


  9. David says:

    What a downfall after 11 years of cooperation… it’s depressing to see and hear.

  10. Carina says:

    So is it true that she’s moving to Brian Orser? If so, good on you Zhenya!

    Has anyone ever left Tutberidze’s group on good terms? I mean, people come and go, you can’t really expect them to stay in one place their whole life/career, right? At least put on a mutual friendly front and not make things more awkward in the future.

    • Carina says:

      No matter what the reason is behind the move, I don’t think that’s fair to blame it on the other coach unless he actually deceived or threatened Evgenia or something. She’s an adult and can make her own choices.

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