Eteri Tutberidze: “I don’t control their diet. I weigh them. Not even me personally, I just ask to send me the numbers.”

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Eteri Tutberidze about the importance of the diet and skaters’ parents.



For sure you control you skaters diet. What do they eat, how, how many times a day.

Eteri Tutberidze: No no. I do not control the diet. I weigh them. Not even me personally, I just ask them to send me the numbers.

It’s advisable to weigh yourself every day, because it’s much easier to solve the problem at the initial stages than when it is already 2-3 kilograms and you really need to lose weight, when it’s 200-300 grams, it’s not that serious.

But +200 grams today, and every day +200 grams, what will it be in 10 days?

What if you speak but nothing happens?

Eteri Tutberidze: That’s bad. I’m just trying to explain: a kilogram – if it’s not serious, then take a carton of milk, put it in your pocket and run. The athlete loads the body more than necessary, injuries – muscles, ligaments. Fatigue, which will accumulate more, because this is a whole carton of milk.

And then we talk – a fatigue fracture, which means skater trained a lot. Or maybe she was gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight? Under-rotations started to happen, because the weight, because fatigue, when they are losing weight, and not because of insane loads.

About role of the parents

Eteri Tutberidze: I have such thing: the best parent is the one I don’t know. Because this means that I don’t have any problems with the athlete at all and I don’t need to communicate with a parent. Still, the parent always takes the side of the child. And he should. Who else if not a parent?

But he must understand that any criticism, even if the child is on the ice for the first three minutes, and I say: that’s all, get out … Maybe it makes sense to sacrifice this training for the benefit of all others. Maybe I didn’t like this attitude – maybe during this three minutes athletes didn’t even get on the ice, was sitting behind the board, didn’t value the training time or didn’t warm up in the gym before training.

And here the parent shouldn’t be like “What and why?” This is how it should be, accept it and bring up your child at home. It is also important for me to bring up the parent too – to explain what he should do, bringing the child to the ice. The child must be motivated for work.

Sometimes there is a moment when you are in training – now for some reason it happens with the younger group – they are not motivated, they do not have this. And you just realize that you are wasting your time. Maybe there are other athletes somewhere who would gladly accept your knowledge, and would not try to dodge the tasks.

Yesterday situation: the girl didn’t come to the warm-up, sits in the hall, for some reason with her mother. I ask: why didn’t you come to warm up? Doesn’t really answer. I ask her mom: why didn’t she go to the warm-up? The parent says: because she said that her legs get tired after the warm-up.

So, what are you here for, mom? You are here to make her go, explain to her that this is how it should be – you will get used to it, you will adapt to this load and become stronger. This parent is not doing enough, she just loves her child. It may not work out. Even with the talent of this child.

Is it really no way without strictness?

Eteri Tutberidze: Yes, not strictness, but correctness. Correctness of the parent including.


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