Eteri Tutberidze and Diana Davis commented on the rumors that Davis/Smolkin are going to represent USA and Tutberidze would also like to work there

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Eteri Tutberidze and Diana Davis commented on the inside information provided by The Skating Lesson that Diana is going to represent USA and that Tutberidze would like to work in the USA.

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Diana Davis posted on her Instagram: “What an interesting news we learn about ourselves.”

Eteri Tutberidze also commented on her Instagram on the information that she expressed a desire to work in the United States.

Eteri Tutberidze: Another fake.

And of course journalists started to call everyone they can and ask about it) Here’re comments from Tatiana Tarasova

Tatiana Tarasova: She will not skate for the United States. When will you calm down, journalists?

I can’t even imagine that Tutberidze’s daughter can change sports citizenship. And I don’t want to imagine that. Eteri said that this is a lie. What else is needed? Get rid of them.


Tatiana Tarasova also spoke about the possible change of sports citizenship by Russian skaters.

Tatiana Tarasova: Of course, if we are not protected – coaches, athletes – then it turns out that our work will bring zero result. Not allowed to compete? So many coaches will lose their jobs, so they can go to work in the West. And all of them, of course, will be taken to different countries.

We shouldn’t forget abou it!


And a comment from our “beloved” Sambo-70 director Renat Laishev)

Renat Laishev: I can’t say anything about it. We don’t have any information about this. We know one thing: Eteri and Diana reunited in the USA. But we’re still grateful to them for everything! For everything they have done and are doing for us!



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