“Eteri is an outstanding coach. After Tutberidze, Sokolovskaya will not help her in any way.” Coaches, specialists, athletes about Trusova leaving Tutberidze’s group.

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Coaches, specialists, athletes about Trusova leaving Tutberidze’s grous.

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According to R-Sport, now Trusova will train with Svetlana Sokolovskay, coach of her boyfriend Mark Kondratiuk.

Tatiana Tarasova: I don’t understand this decision. She went to where Kondratiuk trains. After Tutberidze, Sokolovskaya will not help her in any way.

She moved to a boy she’s friends with.

I just know that Eteri Georgievna is an outstanding coach. And then we will see what will happen next, no need to guess.

source: rsport

Alexaner Zhulin: I don’t care where Trusova went. My thoughts are occupied with other things now. There are more important problems then Trusova.

source: Metaratings

Ilia Averbukh: Svetlana Sokolovskaya is a really serious and great coach. I wish them good luck in their work.

source: tass

Renat Laishev: I am not aware of this transfer, but it will not give her anything new. This is the age-old question of coach and student.

Sasha has already left the group, then returned. Now you won’t find a coach better than Tutberidze.

I don’t see anything good in these transfer. She has achieved great success with a coach who brings up Olympic champions. Why seek anything better than what you already have?

source: rsport

Also Laishev:

For Trusova, nothing good will come of this transfer. It’s good that Eteri Tutberidze is such a wise and talented coach who has patience.

Sasha achieved all her outstanding results with Eteri. What else does she need? Other sports also have practice of switching to other coaches. Now it is difficult to determine what will be the criterion of the highest achievement. And then it will be difficult to look into the eyes of the coach, from whom you left.

Usually such athletes, not only Trusova, regret that they are leaving coaches like Tutberidze. It will be difficult for them to meet and communicate, but they will have to do it at competitions and in other places. This nervous energy is what every athlete needs.

Trusova has such a level of skill that she has a struggle of nerves. And there is such a coach as Tutberidze, who proved everything to everyone. Nerves are letting down both of them.

The battle of nerves, diligence and self-restraint – all this, of course, is the road to the result. But bothe of them don’t need these wars of words. On the contrary, I would like to wish this talented girl all the best on her life path.

source: sport24

Alexei Zheleznyakov: I don’t know for sure, because I wasn’t at Khrustalny, but if Trusova actually left, good riddance. If Alexandra believes that this will help her, then let her help, which I strongly doubt.

I am very calm about this transfer, let her go and look for new coaches. You need to understand yourself, and not look for new coaches. Will it help her to progress and develop further? I highly doubt it. No it won’t hel.

source: Metaratings

Maria Butirskaya: If this is true, then personally I don’t understand – when you leave a coach with whom you achieve the highest results. The most interesting thing is that she has already tried it once, it didn’t work out, she came back.

Honestly, as an athlete, I don’t understand. This is probably Trusova’s strange act. I believe when she had a situation and she moved to Plushenko. She had already gone once, she realized that it was not very good there, she had to go back.

Athletes have such periods when something needs to be changed, there must be an emotional upsurge. But for a normal athlete, this does not happen so often, it is thought out decision and leads to very good results.

But when you go from one to another and back, and then again, I do not understand. Let her go, try again – then, probably, she will come back again.

source: sport-express

Elena Radionova: It’s hard for me to say what influenced Sasha Trusova’s transfer. I think that it’s not connected with the situation at the Olympics. Then it was emotions, but now everything has subsided. Now it’s a new stage of life, and, perhaps, Sasha wanted to change the situation, to be closer to Mark Kondratiuk.

I don’t think that there were disagreements with the coaching staff, because everything was quite good at the test skates. It’s hard for me to say what influenced it. In any case, I want to wish her good luck, to achieve success with the new coach.

source: championat

Alena Kostornaia: The decision is unexpected, not entirely clear. But in any case, I wish Sasha good luck in the new team.

source: Tass


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2 Responses to ““Eteri is an outstanding coach. After Tutberidze, Sokolovskaya will not help her in any way.” Coaches, specialists, athletes about Trusova leaving Tutberidze’s group.”

  1. Jana says:

    Nothing? Purely technically, Sasha knows everything, thanks to Eteri Georgievna. If there’s anything left to learn, it may be about relaxing into the joy. In this respect, Svetlana Vladimirovna’s group surely has a lot to offer.

  2. Julie Smarney says:

    Tarasova, who is recognized globally as a legendary coach continues to lend sharp, subjective words to every, single news flash in figure skating. With every post comes erosion of her impeccable reputation into that of a blithering Putin and Eteri comrade. Better to take the example of legend Tamara Moskvina, beloved legend, who stays focused on her students and only comments on things when it pertains directly to her and/or her students! (Oh wait… does Tarasova even HAVE students anymore?). Moskvina doesn’t bother with every, single issue because she is a consummate PROFESSIONAL and remains focused only on important things! Is it that Tarasova is trying like hell to remain relevant? If you want to BE a legend, ACT LIKE IT!

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