Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: The third place is also not so bad

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about her performance at Skate America 2019.

video interview for fsrussia.ru dd October 21st, 2019

photo: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s Instagram

How do you assess your performance and result at this competitions?

– In principle, I’m pleased how it ended. But still there were mistakes. I wasn’t as focused in the short program as I could be. But overall I’m happy, the third place is also not so bad. I finish this competitions with positive emotions and prepare for the next.

What was the problem in the short program?

– Maybe jetlag. I didn’t feel my feet well. I was really tired, but what to do. This is the fate of an athlete; one must be able to skate and get together in any situation.

Now, finally, I have two and a half weeks to exhale and prepare calmly. I hope that everything will be different in China, and I will skate more confidently.

After the short program there were a lot of thoughts, that’s why, probably, I’m very happy and pleased with the result, because I was able to get together and skate my free program with mood.

The next Grand Prix will be in China. There is little time, how will you recover and prepare?

– The first thing I’ll just lie and relax, distract from all thoughts about figure skating. It’s necessary to switch, especially since I still study in the university, the last years.

Saunas, massage. It is necessary to restore as much as possible and start the preparation with the mood, with new strengths. I hope that there will be no major changes, there is certain content that we need to continue to work on.

How do you like Las Vegas?

– I’m delighted. This is a different world. On the first day, we went for a walk with the guys. It is amazing how bright everything is here, like in a fairy tale. That’s cool. Once in a lifetime you need to visit such place.


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