Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: Russian Nationals were a victorious defeat

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Interview with Elizaveta Tuktamysheva at the Russian Nationals 2020.

by Anastasiya Panina for matchtv.ru dd. December 31st, 2019

Liza, how are you? Did you have time to rethink everything that happened at Russian Nationals?

– I’m in a good mood, even though a little tired. I am pleased with how the national championship went for me. Because in the free program I took a risk, and this, as Alexei Mishin says, was a victorious defeat. I took a big step forward. I have no regrets, no regrets about mistakes, that I skated not perfectly. I am comfortable with how everything turned out.

It was very hard to perform a quad at the most important competitions of the season after only two weeks of working on it. Probably, I was not ready for this yet, but I understood that it was necessary. It was the right moment.

What is your tactics now in working on the quadruple toe loop?

– We will work on it till a confident state, to make it like a triple axel. This season I trained axel so much that I was able to include two in a free program.

There is also a theory that if you do a quadruple toe loop, you can also do a quadruple salchow. While I do not really believe in it, but we will work on it. Since I feel four turns in the air, I won’t be scared to try another quadruple. I have already crossed this line, now it can be used for study. We will see. Now the main thing is to make quad toe loop stable.

Have you heard that Daniil Gleichengauz said that with your technique you can try all the quadruple jumps.

– I, as always, do not think so (laughs). I will focus on the toe loop, perhaps.

Can you describe your feelings and thoughts when quadruple toe loop turned in training for the first time?

– These were unreal emotions, to goosebumps. I realized what an important step I took for myself. I am almost 23, and suddenly a quad toe loop. And before that training, I didn’t feel that I could do it. I do not have such a strong natural intuition, only a female one. It was also hard for me to learn axel. But when I realized that it was possible, I jumped toe loop on the same day.

It was very cool. This is probably why I was not so upset about unsuccessful performance at the Russian Nationals, because I know that this season is still progressive for me.

Did you mark the day of the first quadrangle on the calendar?

– No, I’m not sentimental in such things. I just thought – wow, well done.

If you hadn’t the first starting number in the last warm-up, and you had skated knowing the results of your rivals, would you have chosen a proven content without quad?

– I knew the situation in my warm-up from the beginning. I knew my goals for the Russian Nationals, I tried toe loop at practices. If it didn’t turn out at all, if I realized that I didn’t feel this jump at all, we would not do it. But I felt. It was a stressful situation – competitions. You need more experience to do this jump under such conditions. Therefore, I wouldn’t change my tactics in any case. I would go all-in.

Tell us about your new gala program. Hit song, bright costume, musical instruments. Whose idea was it?

– It was my idea. “Destination Calabria” is one of my favorite songs. I suggested the idea to Alexei and Tatiana Mishina and they agreed.

I saw old photographs of Alexei Nikolaevich in a similar costume. By the way, he did not tell me about this when we choreographed this program.

Have you decided about competitions in the second half of the season?

– We have not discussed plans for the second half of the season yet. Perhaps the Russian Nationals will be the last competition of the season. Perhaps there will be some B events. Let’s see.

During this season, have you felt disagreement with the judges’ scores?

– On the one hand, there was such a feeling. Therefore, we even tried to bring back the combination of two triple toe loops, because the judges didn’t like my flip – toe combination.

Last year, when I came out of nowhere, roughly speaking, I was happy with any points higher than seventy. And when you have already reached a certain level, and then the scores suddenly become slightly lower, you do not always understand what is the problem.

On the other hand, I myself should have skated more relaxed. I think this also should come from an athlete. Recently I competed in Zagreb, I skated very freely and got much better points than before. If you skate cool, they will put you high.

Now, we need to skate confidently as for the last time, just like in ice dance.

It’s odd to asking this question to a young girl, but it’s impossible not to ask. Lisza, what is the secret of sports longevity?

– In maintaining the feeling that you still can prove something to yourself, bring something good to figure skating.

Does Alexei Nikolaevich play a big role in it?

– Alexei Nikolaevich played the most important role in this. If not for him, I would probably be nobody. He is the greatest coach. Wise. Without a coach, no athlete will skate for a long time. An athlete needs support, a strategy and tactics of training and performances. Needs an understanding why he’s doing his every step. All these moments I share with the coach.

Do not you think that recently Alexei Nikolaevich has become more cautious and closed? After all, he has reasons to be upset when for various reasons not everything turns out for his athletes.

– We haven’t talked with him on this subject. But it seems to me that he has gone through so much in his life and coaching that nothing will break or greatly surprise him. We can handle it all. And he also understands that everything will be fine. In general, I did not notice that he closed. In training, everything goes as it was before.

Do you realize that you are now a living symbol for many skaters and fans? At a mature age by sports standards, you continue to develop, you try to do what was previously considered the prerogative of 15-year-old girls.

– I try not to think about it. It’s cool if inspire someone. I am pleased if I helped someone to believe in himself and did something good for figure skating. But still it’s better not to think about it. First of all, I am a person, not an athlete.

Outside of figure skating, I’m Lizka Tuktik, just a fun girl. Figure skating – it’s not forever, but you need to stay a good person all the time.


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