Elizaveta Tuktamysheva plans to master quad toe loop this season

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about her performance at Lombardia Trophy, possibility to fo back to original music in the short program, shows and cooking.

by Ekaterina Bespalova for sport-express.ru dd. 19th September, 2019

– After the competitions there was neither joy nor satisfaction, since I took the second place. I got a little food poisoning before the free program and it was not very comfortable to skate, there was a weakness. Unfortunately, this was noticeable. Having watched my performance later, I realized that it wasn’t as fiery as in Moscow. But I’m pleased that I coped, although the emotions weren’t the most vivid.

At the test skates there were full arena and excitement, and at competitions in Bergamo – a modest skating rink, silence and the complete absence of viewers. Was there some dissonance because of this?

– I can’t say that it affected somehow. Although the atmosphere in Luzhniki was cool, I wanted to skate at maximum. But in Italy, although there were not many viewers, everyone performed as usual.

There is a video on the Internet where the music of your short program from the test skates is changed to its original soundtrack “Drumming Song” by Florence And The Machine. And the program looks very different. Is there a possibility to go back to this option?

– There were such thoughts. Maybe we’ll try to skate the program to “Drumming Song” at the St. Petersburg Cup, and we’ll see. I would like to asses two options. But before the Grand Prix, I want to be sure that the program looks good. Plus I’ll compete at Finlandia Trophy.

But there is less than a week between competitions is Espoo and your American Grand Prix…

– We usually come the day before competition, and I’m comfortable with such a mode. Otherwise you need to be there more than a week before competitions, because the most difficult days in terms of acclimatization are from the fifth to the seventh, so we have time.

After the free program in Bergamo, many didn’t like that you didn’t have a costume… Could this somehow affect the scores?

– I don’t think that at such a competitions it mattered. Plus, I still had it – I skated in a special shirt. Last year, I also showed a short program without a costume, and this didn’t matter.

Polina Shelepen said in her interview that most of all she expects quads from you and Evgenia Medvedeva. Is it real in your case?

– I think that it’s real. Now I’m trying to make a quadruple toe loop on harness, but already without any efforts of the person who holds me. I almost fully rotate the jump and land it. Rather, I need to psychologically prepare to a long banding in a new jump, if I feel this, then it seems to me that everything will work out. I plan to master it this season.


Last year, your undressing exhibition program became a big hit. Is there something special to expect from you this year?

– We’ll try, but so far I haven’t decided on the music. Also it’s a very responsible season, I want to do my best for competitive performances.


At the end of 2017, you said that you go to training on a bus, has something changed during this time?

– Not yet, I still go on a bus, subway or taxi. But maybe soon I will buy a car. It’s not because people recognize me, just now the season of bad weather starts and I want to be on cold wind as less as possible and not to get sick.

Then you also named your top-3 dishes: tea, coffee and fried eggs. And in the winter of this year, a documentary already showed how you cook chicken with spinach. At what point did you start to learn how to cook?

– When I realized that I need to cook for my boyfriend, then I started to learn how, still you need to be able to do this in a family. If I were alone, I would cope somehow. What do I like? I just love to eat (laughs). I love tuna salad, and I found a restaurant in St. Petersburg with amazing sushi. Apparently, after returning from Japan, I liked the local cuisine even more.


In your social networks you have photos of an ordinary girl who can sit in a cafe with friends with a cup of coffee sometimes. Does it happen that one of them offers: “Lisa, let’s eat some Tiramisu”?

– My environment mostly consists of skaters, so this rarely happens. But you need to keep the balance. If it’s weekend, everything is all right with health and weight, then why can’t you allow yourself something? Diet is not a constant restriction, but a balanced nutrition. And if you want something, then you need to allow yourself this, otherwise there will be a bad mood, condition, and who needs this? There is only one life, therefore, of course, you shouldn’t eat kilograms of Tiramisu, but also don’t limit yourself to a completely bad state.

Are you often weighed at the rink?

– Yes, but I’m a professional athlete, and I know how much I should weigh, so I watch it myself. The coaches trust me 100% and so far everything is fine. But younger girls are weighed regularly.

Last fall, you didn’t have a chance to comment on ladies’ performances at the Grand Prix in Moscow; instead, you toughly trolled your extremely unsuccessful performance at the Universiade 2017. But at that moment it was scary even for your career, are you really so self-ironic?

– When skates happen that you inexplicably fail, what else remains? This wasn’t a tragedy when you lacks a few points to third or first place, second and fourth places are the most upsetting. And there I screwed up the whole program, accepted it, went to the Russian Cup Final and performed well there.


In the summer you were at a show in Japan and skaters always bring a lot of gifts from there. Did fans give you something special?

– There were a lot of things, even a kimono, it turned out to be very beautiful, and I even performed in the show wearing it.

They give useful gifts! Clothing, costumes …

– Yes, in Japan, by the way, they give clothes: T-shirts, pants. I even wear one pants at home, they are very funny, but comfortable. The coolest moments in Japan? When we went to bowling and karaoke, it was a lot of fun.

Why did happen that cold that turned into pneumonia before Russian Nationals? Your detractors even blamed your undressing in a gala number …

– This is complete nonsense, if it was reason, then I would get sick after the first time, and not after the fifth. People skate wearing open costumes and nobody accuses them of anything.

Just it was draft in the mixed zone in the arena where the Grand Prix Final was held, I think it affected. Since the beginning of the season I was in good shape and most likely the immune system could not stand it.

Everyone waited the decisions on the third participant for the World Championships with great impatience. And how did you find out about it, someone called you personally?

– No, I read it on the Internet. Instagram post about a little girl? I was hurt. And the combination of triple and double axel wasn’t made because of anger. We have trained this before.

What would you wish for yourself in the starting season?

– I would like a beautiful fight with myself and other girls. To skate consistently, with pleasure and mood. When you enjoy your skating – this is a completely different presentation and energy.


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