Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s new dress review

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Good news: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has a new dress for her short program.

Bad news: it’s a disaster)

It’s good that Elizaveta has thought about new dress for her short program. The old one was  bringing unnecessary associations with her previous program. Elizaveta is not such type of skater that can skate anything to any music in old dress and no one will even realise it. So, she definitely needed a completely new dress.


But….this new one is a strange choice. From a distance and especially from one side it looks like she’s half naked. I wonder whether it truly deserves a deduction and maybe it just the judges were kind no giving it.

I also so not understand why. Neither choreography nor music requires such “shocking” dress. It also doesn’t suit Liza! And it seems that she is not feel absolutely comfortable wearing it. So, why? And another small remark: it better to wear a bra under such dress.


I’m ok with black color and a skirt a bit longer than usual in ladies single skating. But I still don’t understand why she refused of the first dress for this program that we saw at Russian test skates?!

Elizaveta is not the only one who changed the dress, see the review for Julia Lipnitskaia’s new dress.


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