Elizabet Tursynbaeva: In Eteri Georgievna’s group they don’t let you have an easy time of it, but I like it

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Interview with Elizabet Tursynbaeva. About change of coach and new programs.

The original interview by Valeria Kukaleva for flutz.ru

Tell us about your programs.

– Daniil Markovich Gleichengauz choreographed my programs, coaches offered the music and I immediately liked it very much – both short and free. Of course, they are different from the last season’s programs. I hope that I will not disappoint Daniil Markovich and will skate the programs the way he choreographed, in terms of choreography.

Which program do you like more?

– While I prefer the short program. Of course, I also like the free program, but it needs to be skated a little more, then it will be possible to compare these programs.

Why did you decide to change the coach?

– The Olympic cycle has passed, I’ve trained in Toronto for several years and after the Olympics we decided to change something, change the coach. Of course, I’m grateful to Brian for everything. Just it is difficult to train away from family, overseas. It turns out that the family is separated, now it is easier when we all together in Moscow, at home. I’m going to train with Eteri Georgievna for the next years. I don’t plan to change anything yet.

What is the difference between training in Orser’s group and Tutberidze’s group?

– Of course it’s completely different mentality. Every group has its pros and cons. In Eteri Georgievna’s group we train a lot, we work a lot, every day, they don’t let you have an easy time of it. This is good, it makes you stronger. It’s easier to skate at competitions, as they say, еhe more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war. In Toronto, the relationship is more friendly. I like to train with Eteri Georgievna, it suits me.

Did you moved to Tutberidze aiming for the next Olympics?

– Of course. I haven’t fully recovered yet, I’ve been training with Eteri Georgievna for not so long, the result is still ahead, I’m still getting used to it.

Did she immediately agree to take you?

– Yes. I had previously visited Eteri Georgievna for a while, we remained on good terms, so she took me.

You train in a group with girls who perform ultra-c elements. Do you have such jumps in your plans?

– Of course, I would like to, but you need to prepare your body for this. Quad is not an easy jump, to train it successfully and not get injured, you must first prepare your body. I’m still in the process. Perhaps I grew up a little bit and therefore I still need to prepare.


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