Elizabet Tursynbaeva: Eteri Tutberidze is the perfect balance of a strict coach and a person with good personal qualities

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Elizabet Tursynbaeva about recovery and Eteri Tutberidze.

by sputniknews.kz dd. November 30th, 2019

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Elizabet, how are you feeling? How is recovery from injury going?

– To be honest, in different ways. Now I’m trying to skate a bit, recovering.

In December, the show of Ilia Averbukh is held in Almaty. Won’t the injury prevent you from participating?

– I try not to train much now. The show will have more choreography than elements, so if nothing bad happens during this time, I plan to take part.

What can you say about your coach Eteri Tutberidze? Is she different in life and in training?

– She is very demanding and strict on the ice. Eteri Georgievna notices any details, it helps to progress. There are coaches who always praise, admire, I think this is not good. Eteri Georgievna is strict in some moments, sometimes she can joke. She is the perfect balance of a strict, demanding coach and a person with good personal qualities, who will support you in difficult times.

Can she be called a coach-friend?

– We have more respectful relations than friendships. In general, it seems to me that a friend-coach is bad for an athlete. Strictness on ice helps to progress.

What role do parents play in your career?

– They play a huge role, I am very grateful to them. Mom all my childhood drove me to the rink, to trainings. Dad has done a lot for me and continues to do now. Without their help and support, I would not have such success.

Who are your main rivals?

– First of all, I need to recover. Therefore, I am focused on myself and my shape, and not on someone else.

What are your plans for 2020?

– 2019 was quite successful for me. I would like to develop my achievements further.


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  1. RJ says:

    Hope her back is okay and she works on leg strength to keep her safe.

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