Elena Radionova: less emotions, more work

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About mistakes of the past season, all-or-nothing thinking, rumors about cocah change, newcomers to the group and upcoming exams in an interview with Elena Radionova. 

Lena, the past season wasn’t easy for you, how do you think, what mistakes were made?

Elena: Indeed, the season was difficult. But I’m glad that I was able to get through the difficulties. Something didn’t work out, but it makes my character stronger. I’ll consider this season’s mistakes and will try to improve my skating.

It’s difficult to say what the mistakes were. Maybe, somehow it was my fault, wasn’t prepared in a needed way, there were small problems that provoked a not very good situation.

Elena Radionova, Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya

What helped you to get together?

Elena: I knew from the beginning that it would be difficult this season. Well? For whom it’s easy? We have to fight. It’s easier just to sit down and give up. But it’s not in my nature. I always used to fight and to get what I want. Still, at all competitions, except the World Championships, I was in the top three. I understood that I can claim for the top places. Not everything turned out, but I’m continuing.

Was you very upset when something didn’t work out, as wanted?

Elena: At first I was upset. My character: either all or nothing. But lately I’ve started to think a little bit differently and hope I will succeed in the future.

Of course, it’s unpleasant, it’s insulting, because every athlete tries and wants to perform at maximum. I understand how frustrating it can for others, who haven’t been able to perform well or to get on the podium. I can understand everyone in this situation. But what to do? So, we have to work and go further.

How has your mindset changed this year?

Elena: I have rethought a little some situations.

If it’s not a secret, how? Told yourself: “Enough worrying.”

Elena: Yes, less emotions, more work.

Elena Radionova

After World Championships your coach Inna Goncharenko said in an interview that considers you as an adult and gives more freedom in making decisions, selection of music for the programs. But freedom it’s responsibility.

Elena: I really began to acquire me. I began to assess the situation myself. But this doesn’t mean that I stopped to consult with a coach, how to do better. Of course, with age comes your own opinion. However, I’ve always had it. But now I can formulate some things better.

Does it help or hinder? After all, sometimes you just have to go and do, not spending time on thinking.

Elena: I can’t say that my character have changed a lot. I’m still the same Lena Radionova. I still choose the music together with the coach, Inna Germanovna suggest her options, I suggest mine. One opinion is good, but two is always better. Maybe, before I hadn’t searched music so carefully, now come to this more thoughtfully, but we discuss everything together. However, while  there’s no certainty about new program, we’re searching.

And what would you like?

Elena:  I won’t say yet what I want. But we have ideas. And the choreographer will be new.

Elena Radionova

Women’s figure skating moves forward on the path of difficulty, will you change or add something?

Elena: Of course, I want to learn something new. In any case, I will strive to this. However, at the moment I’m still getting used to my body. I can’t say that I got used to it on 100%, but if I learn something new, it’ll be very good. 

With high difficulty will come high components scores. Do you agree?

Elena: I don’t know. Carolina Kostner skates well and gets high components for her skating.

Nevertheless, she goes to Mishin’s training camp probably to improve in technique.

Elena: Yes. Well done!

You may not reply on this question, but talks about the change of coach are nonsense?

Elena: I just wanted to say about it. There was a strange situation when suddenly people started to ask me, even on the phone call: “Is it truth that you’re leaving?” One woman wrote: “Don’t, why do you do such mistakes.” Imagine, it came to this! The funny thing is that even Inna Germanovna believed it. And I think mentally she was ready that I will leave her. I had to reassure her, explain that everything is fine, that I’m not going anywhere. 

Probably, people used to such situation, if an athlete has any setbacks, he starts to look the reason of his problems on the side. But I think that in the shortcomings of this season there’s also a part of my fault. Therefore, in relation to the coach, I don’t think I need to change something now. I am fine. I just have to take into account all the mistakes and move on.

It’s great, if you think that: in a difficult situation it’s necessary first to look for the reasons in yourself and not to blame someone else. You say: all the same Lena. This’s thoughts of adult.

Elena: Of course, there are situations when coach and athlete reached their peak and understand that it’s necessary to change something, to move on. But not in my situation.  I know that I can go further with this coach.

Elena Radionova, Enna Goncharenko, Lyudmila Vlasova

There were changes in your group. Sergei Voronov and Maxim Kovtun have come. Is it good for you?

Elena: It’s better for me, when I skate next to the athletes of the same level. With Sergei Voronov we have been training for several month on the same ice, we haven’t hampered each other. The same work. Everyone was watching himself. But psychologically I felt better because now I have not only children around, but athletes of the national team level.

At trainings not only Inna Germanovna helps me. Alexander Uspensky works on skating skills with me. There’s a choreographer Anna Bilibina, Lyudmila losifovna Vlasova came.

I love it when she‘s near at the competitions. Lyudmila losifovna is very confident, calm and experienced. She found an approach to me. And when she with a coach stands at board, all her energy, calmness and confidence are transmitted to me.

You’ve started trainings, and what about the exams at school?

Elena: My head is busy with lessons, tutors. But I don’t forget skating. I train. But major efforts are thrown, of course, to study. It’s necessary to pass the exams on three subjects and then go to college of physical education. I;ll pass the exams for both 10 and 11th grades  Hope I’ll make it. But I don’t want just to pass it, I want to receive good marks. 

Elena Radionova

And then a rest?

Elena: No, then the training camp, it’s necessary to make the programs, to start working. I had a rest just after World Team Trophy, I went to Thailand for a week. I’ve been to Phuket for the first time. I really liked it. It’s beautiful and the vacation turned out so relaxing. Lying on the beach, sunbathing, swimming … A weeks, of course, it’s a little, but what to do: Motherland calls. 

the source: fsrussia.ru

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