Elena Radionova: bitterness after the Worlds still presents

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Elena Radionova summed up the results of the season, told about growing up and shared her impressions from Team Challenge Cup.

Elena, after 6th place at Worlds, it’s worth a lot to receive such recognition from the public.

Elena: To be honest, the voting of fans cheered me up a lot. The viewers chose me, so despite all obstacles, people want to see me on the ice, believe in me, support. Now I don’t remember exactly, but some unreal number of people voted for me, even in America. Of course, for me it it’s a holiday, one of the most dearest events of the season! After all, by and large, we’re skating not for ourselves or for the judges, but for spectators.

What is more important for you in principle – a medal or such love of viewers?

Elena: It’s hard to say … I think no one will answer this question unambiguously. On the one hand, you’re an athlete, used to achieve goals, to win awards. But at the same time when there is a support of the fans, it’s no less valuable than the anthem and the flag on the podium. It’s hard to choose which is more valuable.  And when you have both – it’s happiness.

Elena Radionova

This season you won “bronze” in Grand Prix Final, “silver” at Russian Nationals. And at the World Championships after last year’s “bronze” you took a step back, closing the top six. Was it a heavy blow for you or just a slight fail?

Elena: Generally this season left mixed feelings. Allegedly, I performed with dignity, didn’t make any big mistakes, but small blots spoiled a lot the overall impression. Of course, it’s sad. I know what to do, on what to work. But bitterness after the World Championships still presents. Although, neither in Boston nor at home, I didn’t even cry because of it.

Do you easily let the failures go?

Elena: Fast enough. I’m by nature not a grudge-bearing person, I try not to keep bad things in my head. This also applies to sport. I said to myself: well then it’s necessary to go through such a result and move on. But … When you know that you could easily avoided many mistakes, it’s always hurts more.

Do the mistakes connected with the period of maturation, you’ve been dealing with this season?

Elena: Yes. I tried to make each element on maximum, but there was some caution. Not that I’m not sure in my abilities, everything is all right with it. Just when you’re little, you have less thoughts about what and how you will be doing now. You skate more like automatically, but with age you start to approach to everything more consciously. For me, these two and four minutes just like a moment, everything goes very quickly. But what concerns jumps, I feel them differently now. This year I’ve grew up by 10 сm: it is necessary to adapt, to get used to the “new” arms and legs. I fight and in principle deal with it. The main thing, I have the potential, I know that I can deal. While I’m only at the very beginning of my way.

Not long ago Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Adelina Sotnikova, Julia Lipnitskaya faced the same difficulties. Have you studied their experience?

Elena: No, you can not learn something and do as the others do. Everyone has different body and the growing up goes differently. For example, I, like everyone, have to fight with the weight, but not so tough. I still can afford to eat everything, but little by little, as I know it’s much harder for others.

Elena Radionova

When you appeared at the international competitions you immediately have won everyone: judges, spectators and journalists. And this season it seems that in the image of a girl who always positive, always with a smile, appeared some sadness ..

Elena: No, in soul, I remained the same laugher (smiles). Just probably growing up. I think nothing has changed dramatically in my character. Well, maybe, I become not obstinate, but started to defend my point of view in some moments.

Is something else interesting happening in your life?

Elena: Yet all my life is skating and study. It’s necessary to pass final exams at school, and then go to university of physical education. I considered various options, but decided that as long as my profession is sport, it would be logical to study at this university. And then I will think. Figure skating – just a part of life, and I see myself as a versatile person.

the source: newizv.ru

photos from Elena Radionova’s instagram: lenok_radionova



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