Elena Radionova about her performance at Cup of China

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Elena Radionova commented on her performance at Cup of China 2017 and told about her nearest plans for the season.

Elena: I’m happy that I was able to improve in such a short time and to show skating, which I was supposed to show, without any foolish falls. There were not much time between Grand Prix in Moscow and Beijing, but we did a lot of work. I’m glad that at this competitions I skated without big mistakes, under-rotations. Skating was confident, but I know that I can do better, much better. I need to improve with each competitions. I’m still picking up the shape, I’m moving forward with small steps. This Grand Prix turned out much better for me.

I think that not many athletes will change their jump content during the season, because there is not much time left before the Olympics. They will work more on the programs. And I’m no exception.

To this competitions we changed jumps a little, at trainings we try different variants and do run throughs of programs. We won’t do much changes. Now we’ll discuss everything with the coach and decide what to do next.

by Tatjana Flade for fsrussia.ru

Cute moment at the kiss and cry. I was worried that Elena’s change of coach isn’t the best decision and that she doesn’t get her coach support. So it was really nice to see such emotions:



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  1. Felicity says:

    She’s my favourite Russian skater.

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