Elena Ilinykh & Ruslan Zhiganshin started the season

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ISU senior B event Mordovian Ornament should have been the first principal meeting of the two ice dancing duos who claim to be the number one of the Russian National team. But Ekaterina Bobrova got a food poisoning and she with Dmitri Soloviev have withdrawn from the event. So, the intrigue was killed)

For Elena and Ruslan it was a great chance to declare their intention to confirm the status of National Champions and also got some points into ranking to start from a bit higher position at the main events.

Short dance to Queen

I like a lot the first part of the dance! It looks so fast, they almost fly across the ice. Their skating skills is just great. But with such speed they need more control on key-points. Level 3 is good for the first start but a lot of pairs managed to get level 4 for pattern, so Elena and Ruslan can’t afford to loose some points here. The rotation lift is also looks more reliable. Watching this first part I even regreted that they haven’t choose something more classical for the short dance. Sure they would have looked amazing in a classical waltz! But the second part……..it looks like dances at the school prom. Not serious at all. The music cut is also strange, you’re waiting for the culmination….but the music just ends. This second part spoils the impression of really good first!

Free dance to OST Frida


I like the free dance more. It made by a professional with experience of choreographing for figure skaters and it’s noticeable. I like the concept but don’t like lots of drama. They need to reduce a bit the level of emotionality, because it’s will be difficult for a new pair to skate clean with lots of emotions, they need more control on elements. But everything new is well forgotten old. Sure you will recognize some moves:

As for Elena and Ruslan, I think their dance has lots of potential, but still needs lots of work. Less emotions but more synchrony and smoothness in their moves. And the painting on Ruslan’s back is quite distractive. The marks were generous for both dances….but don’t forget where this event is held and don’t be surprised when you won’t see such marks at GP.

What I think about their costumes for the free dance? Read here

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