Elena Ilinykh: I think ice dance has worsened

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Translation of an excerpt from the interview with Elena Ilinykh. This part seemed interesting to me. Elena talks how ice dance has changed since Olympics in Sochi.

Elena: I think ice dance has worsened. Before Sochi all competitions were watched in one breath. The championship could be given to any pair from the top-ten. Each pair had it’s own style, absolutely unique. After Sochi everything became quite monotonous. In the first season Papadakis and Cizeron surprised everyone with their smooth movements and plasticity. Then it really looked incredible. And then the whole ice dancing world has decided that this is a new trend. And it should be followed. As a result, the vast majority is skating in this style – in a minor key. Before Sochi everyone was so different, every fan could find a pair for his taste. There were discussions, debates. There was even a feeling that there is a competition not only between athletes, but also between styles. It was very interesting. And now it looks a little boring.

Maybe Tessa and Scott’s return will correct the situation? Did they return for a new Olympic medal?

– Definitely. I’m sure they will get this medal. Professionalism doesn’t go away. Enormous experience. They have passed through injuries. They know how to work with their bodies, know each other, know their style, know what the judges expect from them. It is impossible to hide this. Can they bring something new, theirs? I really hope so. The main thing is that they didn’t get under influence of this style. Though it is new for them. They have never skated like this. I know that this pair can skate everything. They have enough emotions for lyrical as well as for any modern choreography. I want them to continue to surprise and have time to bring as much as possible new things into our discipline.

Are you ready to offer something new in the next Olympic season?

– There are a lot of ideas. There are mood and desire to actually start winning. The things that are happening in my life, some losses do not lead to a global disappointment. There is no feeling that we should give up everything. Defeats are now experienced otherwise.

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  1. Mad for Skating says:

    I like her a lot. I hope someday she’ll actually get to skate at Worlds again.

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