Elena Buyanova: the countess Sotskova is growing up

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I’be already translated part of Elena Buyanova’s interview about Elena Radionova, I thought that it’d be a bit unfair not to translate about her other student Maria Sotskova.

So here’s part about Masha.

– In the short program, jumping Masha soars with her height, which is not so easy, to the waltz from “Swan Lake”.

How did you come to this music?

– Peter Tchernyshev suggested this waltz. For me and Ira Tagayeva (the choreographer of Buyanova’s group) it became very unexpected, because the waltz from “Swan Lake” is very grandiose and flying music. We doubted that it would suit Masha. But Peter said: “Masha is pure and airy person, and this image is for her.” When we saw that everything was turning out, and Masha accepted the waltz, the process went even faster.

Throughout the day, Maria underwent a prophylactic checkup and in the evening the leadership of the federation came with inspection, so it was necessary to look “fresh” …

– Well, that’s ok, such circumstances also happen. We could not cancel that skate, but this is a kind of model of the situation when it is necessary “here and now.” It’s like going to the ice after flying over the ocean.

The second toe-loop in combination she saved greatly, although there was almost no warm-up.

– While it was not “her” jumps, but now it’s not even important.

After the part about Elena and her real athlete’s character Buyanova was asked “What about Masha?”

– Of course! Masha is still in that age when she will work hard and must do it. She is a hard worker, a hard worker … A hardworker with a core strength. What I like about her that she does not just execute the program as coach and choreographers told, but adorns it herself. And she knows how to do it. Masha has changed a lot compared to last season. She grew up and became even more sociable with the audience. Of course, the free program to “Moonlight” by Claude Debussy also obliges this. Before, Sotskova was such a Snow Queen, which also had its charm. I really liked this “countess” in her, with this minimum of emotionality. She really grew up on ice like the Ice Queen, and it was her charm. But the “countess” is growing up and now this сalmness is  remains more inside. And I really like that Maria becomes more sociable, more open.

But you wanted such an evolution of Sotskova?

– Of course, because in modern figure skating you have to be multifaceted, you can not focus on one image, even though it’s beautiful. And in the free program Maria appears as such an unearthly girl … . In my perception. We will try to improve in this important sporting year.

Do you say the word “Olympics” to them?

– We are preparing for the season in which there are a number of stages, but everyone still feels that this year is a little bit different. You can be silent about the Olympics, but the Olympic wave rolls on increasing in minds and soon it will rage. The coach’s phrase “Do not think about the Olympics” is doomed to be empty. Anyone will think. And talk. This is normal.

You already have the experience of an Olympic motivator.

– Well, I have……most importantly is that Masha and Lena stay motivated. Our task is not to separate them. We come to work and pay attention to both, from physical trainings to choreograpy and beyond. We have a conveyor.

As far as I understand, in training time they are separated on the ice.

– Of course. It is necessary, to have time to work with music.

But not because you don’t want to have a sparring between before time?

– They are already in sparring. But how else are they going to win? Sometimes they skate together, then I separate them.

Do you think they compete with each other?

–  I think they will tell you that they do not compete, but they glance at each other. Girls pretend not to look at each other, but they do. And this is good. It is necessary to assess that you are not the only one who is working. And thank God that everything goes on in the working mode, as it should.

by Anatoly Samokhvalov for rsport.ru


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