Elena Buyanova: Masha stands out with amazing grace

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Elena Buyanova about Maria Sotskova’s performance at Grand-prix in France.

I  resented when after she short program, they actually took a point from Masha, all our team was angry. But you can prove something only with good skating, which does not give judges any reason to doubt. Today, all Masha’s jumps were qualitative and everything fell into place, this is the most important thing, this is what we worked on.  Masha focused on getting into Final, professionally grew from competitions to competitions, demonstrating excellent fighting qualities and stability.

This academic choreography, made by our choreographer Irina Tagaeva, shined today. On the ice Masha stands out with amazing grace, sensuality, feminine skating combined with the complexity of jumping. I want to thank and congratulate our team – Maxim Zavozin, Tagaeva, Peter Tchernyshev. – Buyanova said



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One response to “Elena Buyanova: Masha stands out with amazing grace”

  1. Gotta says:

    This cheer is sweet, but Sotskova is sooo boring, with lack of performing skills. She’s a frigid ice queen. No extra skills.

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