Dmitri Aliev: “I believe that, figure skating worldwide has suffered without Russian skaters. Russian sports – it’s an interest in every country.”

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Translation of Dmitri Aliev’s comments about the suspension of Russian skaters.

original source: Okko Sports

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Here’s a translation of Dmitri Aliev’s comments about the suspension of Russian athletes made in an interview with Okko Sports.

Q: In your opinion, has the international competitions lost a lot without Russian single skaters?

Dmitri Aliev: Yes, a lot.

Q: Why? Has the level of competition dropped in men’s singles skating?

Dmitri Aliev: They simply lost a lot because we are not there. We always created competition, despite the fact that Russian men’s single skating was always disregarded at the international level.

But in any case – I was the European champion, Sasha (Samarin) was the vice-champion, Max Kovtun – European vice-champion. Misha Kolyada was a medalist at the World Championships. We are still competitive.

Yes, of course, there are unique figure skaters, leaders. The whole planet gathers, and the best compete – of course, it will be difficult.

But I believe that, yes, [figure skating worldwide] has suffered. Russian sports – it’s an interest in every country, especially figure skating. How many Japanese love figure skating, how many fans our firls have there, and I had them in my time too.

Now there are still some people who message from other countries, they even came to our show in China. But there are fewer of them, probably because we are not there – and they are gradually losing interest. But I’m speaking for myself; I don’t have as many fans as our girls do,” said the figure skater.”


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