Denis Ten announced music

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Today I realised that the season has already started but we still don’t know anything about Denis Ten’s program. So, for everyone who interested here are some information.

According to Denis Ten’s ISU bio, his music for the programs is Misa Tango by Luis Bacalov……for both free and short.

Sounds intriguing. Denis decided to continue his experiment with one music theme for both programs like it was with The Artist OST? And I suppose that the choreographer is Lori Nichol. 

Can’t wait to see those new programs. Lori Nichol really feels Denis skating and can create something special for him. Not too long to wait, Skate America is already on this weekends!

Interesting which parts they have chosen. Here are some videos for those who wants to listen this music:

Denis Ten has not only a beautiful programs but he’s also usually very well dressed. Read about his costumes for the previous season here.

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