Dario Cirisano and Denisa Cimlova will not be skating together. The duo planned to represent The Czech Republic

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Dario Cirisano and Denisa Cimlova will not be skating together.

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Cirisano and Cimlova began skating together in March of this year. Previously, Dario competed for the Russian national team with Irina Khavronina.

The duo planned to compete for the Czech national team, but in May, it was announced that the Russian Figure Skating Federation did not give permission for the skater’s transfer. During the summer, Cirisano and Cimlova trained in Italy.

“This is our day of meeting and parting. We smile, but our hearts are heavy.

We are not saying goodbye; we are saying ‘see you later’ to each other, not as sports partners but as good friends.

Thank you, Denisa, for this wonderful period of my life. I am very grateful that we had the opportunity to experience it.

Thank you, and thank you a thousand times, Denisa, for your smiles, your positive attitude, despite the difficulties we faced, for your understanding. I highly value that,” the figure skater wrote on his Telegram account.


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