Daria Usacheva is diagnosed with a trochanteric fracture of the hip

Posted on 2021-11-12 • 4 comments


According to Match TV, the preliminary diagnosis of the Russian figure skater Daria Usacheva is a trochanteric fracture of the hip.

photo REUTERS / kp.ru

Earlier, it was reported that the 15-year-old figure skater flew to the Grand Prix in Japan, experiencing pain in the groin area.

Daria has been fighting with the damage of the muscle at the back of the thigh, but the injury allowed her to train in a moderate mode. Before the competitions in Japan, the problem with the hip and pain in the groin area seriously worsened, as a result of which the athlete was unable to complete the 6-minute warm-up before the start of the short program in Japan and was forced to withdraw from the tournament.

A preliminary examination revealed a trochanteric fracture of the hip. The timing of the recovery is unknown.

source: matchtv.ru


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4 Responses to “Daria Usacheva is diagnosed with a trochanteric fracture of the hip”

  1. rosiana says:

    Get well soon !! best recovery!!

  2. anu says:

    Recently, the diagnosis was changed. She does not have a fracture, but a ligament tear in the same region. Apparently its common, and most athletes recover soon.

  3. Michael Cunningham says:

    This is a freak injury – one that happened to me at her age from just throwing a dodge ball. The psoas muscle popped the lesser trochanter right off the femur.

    Don’t blame the coaches. It’s not a progressive injury, or an impact injury. The fracture site is buried deep in the upper thigh just below the groin. The psoas controls the lower back and hip position – it also moves and rotates the thigh medially. It is an essential movement muscle, that is now unattached.

    So Daria should be out for the duration.

  4. ioanykie says:

    Oh no ! Poor Daria. I hope she gets well soon.

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