Daniil Gleikchengauz: “Unsuccessfull program? The “East” short program I did for Anna Shcherbakova in the Olympic year. When I saw it at the competitions I understood that we should change it.”

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Daniil Gleikchengauz about his unsuccessfull program.

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What is your favorite program?

Daniil Gleikchengauz: That’s the worst question you can ask a choreographer because if there’s only one, then you’ve done poorly for ten years.

When the Olympics were held in Korea and I was interviewed, at that time I could stop at five programs, including the Olympic programs for Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva. Now, after so many years, it would even be a lie to myself if I named just one.

Can you name one that you consider a failure? Or not a failure, but just one that wasn’t very successfull?

Daniil Gleikchengauz: Well, it can’t be a failure because we still did everything on maximum. If we’re talking about recent ones, then the program I did for Anna Shcherbakova – the short program “East” that I choreographed in the Olympic year.

I thought you would name it.

Daniil Gleikchengauz: Really? I really liked the music.

It just wasn’t an Olympic program.

Daniil Gleikchengauz: Maybe. I had doubts, but we all listened to it, decided it was good, and started choreographing. In general, we liked how Anna interpreted the music, and her movements were interesting. But when I saw it at the competitions – twice – I understood everything for myself the second time.

Even though it was already halfway through the season, I talked to Anna and her parents and said, believe me, I feel like we need to change this program.

I was already looking for music for next year. And there was one composition I heard, and I immediately thought – this is not for next year, this needs to be done here and now so Anna can go to the Olympics with it.

During the Olympic season, the skater was given a short program set to Kirill Richter’s The Songs of Distant Earth. Then it was changed to Inona Zura’s Dangerous Affairs.


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