Daniel Grassl wants to train with Tutberidze in the summer and hopes Shcherbakova will win a medal at the European Championships

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Daniel Grassl about European Championships 2022. He also spoke about his desire to spent a training camp with Eteri Tuberidze and his admiration of Anna Shcherbakova.

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Daniel Grassl: I’m just happy. After the fourth place in Graz (2020 European Championships – ed) with such a pity backlog I really, really wanted to get on the podium here.

But I know that I can do even better. The components can be higher, I just have to work even harder. Especially on the free program, there is still so much work to do.

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You have a patch with the Italian police logo. Is this your sponsor?

Daniel Grassl: Yes, this is our sponsor. They support us while we skate. And then, in the future, we can be policemen.

Do you want to work in the police?

Daniel Grassl: Let’s see what the future has for me.

You said that you would like to work with Eteri Tutberidze.

Daniel Grassl: Yes, I would really like to try to train with Tutberidze in the summer (at the training camp), but this did not happen first because of the covid and then I had to join the army. I hope I can visit her in the future.

You also said that you are a fan of Anna Shcherbakova’s skating. Now she’s in trouble. Are you following her results at this competitions?

Daniel Grassl: I am a big fan of her, she is a very strong girl. I really hope she gets through the hard times. You know, I’ve seen a lot of bad comments about her and I don’t get it at all. Her business is just to skate, and the Federation has to decide who will go to the Olympics. I really think that writing bad things about her is terrible. Even I noticed these comments. I hope tomorrow she will show her best and win a medal.

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