Daisuke Takahashi: “In competition, things like quads stand out, but even if you can’t do jumps, figure skating has many moments that can move people.”

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Translation of Daisuke Takahashi’s comments about producing a show and motivating young skaters to realize that figure skating is not only about jumps.

original source: sportiva.shueisha.co.jp dd. 10th February 2024 Komiya Yoshiyuki

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Here’s a translation of Daisuke Takahashi’s comments made in the interview posted Web Sportiva.

“(In the dress rehearsal) there are still challenges, but we focused on creating something with a large ensemble. The sense of speed, strength, and the development of the music in skating. By centering on these elements, I believe we’ve crafted something entertaining for 75 minutes,” says Daisuke Takahashi, who produced the show.

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in ice shows and entertainment productions while still competing,” he explains, “Figure skating is a unique sport where athletes can also perform in shows while actively competing. However, to continue evolving ice entertainment, we need to create new formats because entertainment is always evolving. Skaters also need to seek change.”

To create something new, he teamed up with Yuma Suzuki, a choreographer and director active in musicals, dance, and stage productions.

“I asked Yuma to choreograph after seeing his stage work and being impressed by the structure and use of the body,” Takahashi reveals. “I thought it would be interesting to showcase this on ice. In the dance world, large groups can synchronize movements precisely, but I wanted to bring that feeling to skating.

“Skaters face challenges in counting beats, but there’s a discovery of music beyond counting. I haven’t mastered it myself, so I get teased a lot (laughs). If everyone can bring back the elements of expression, I believe it will improve dance techniques and captivating performances,” says Daisuke.

Takahashi invited many young skaters to participate in the show. “In competition, things like quad jumps stand out, but even if you can’t do jumps, figure skating has many moments that can move people. It’s important for young skaters to realize through this experience that figure skating isn’t just about jumps. By refining small details like positions, choreography, and nuances, I hope they can feel that there’s meaning in every movement of their feet or arms. We can’t stay as we are now; I hope they feel inspired to take on new challenges.”

“Skaters may have talent but if they can’t achieve results, they face a choice between finding employment or retiring. If there are opportunities to showcase their skills, they might choose to pursue that path. Joining this team could also expand their possibilities and keep them skating,” added Takahashi.


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