Cheng Peng Hao Zhang won’t skate at Worlds

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The deadline has passed and now we know the entries list for the Worlds Championships in Boston. I was surprised that Chinese Federation didn’t include Cheng Peng Hao Zhang into the team. They’re only substitutes and in Boston will skate another pair Xuehan Wang and Lei Wang.

Chinese pairs at Worlds:

  • Wenjing SUI / Cong HAN
  • Xiaoyu YU / Yang JIN
  • Xuehan WANG / Lei WANG

Cheng Peng still has health problem? The situation with all those quads and injuries really starts to scare me(

And I’m really sad that we won’t see their great short program! In my opinion it’s one of the best pair’s short program of the season. The program choreographed with a lot of taste. I like the music choice (it’s not overused in figure skating), all elements are in musical accents and other accents highlighted with “little choreo things”, which are totally in style of tango. Elegant, mature and sophisticated program.

I think it was the best skate of this program:

Actually I’ve already discussed this program and this performance here. Maybe they can keep it for the next season?

I also like costumes! I’ve discussed them here.

Also good luck to Xuehan Wang and Lei Wang! They’re a lovely pair! Maybe, they’re not so memorable, but they have nice programs and beautiful costumes…yes, I love good costumes!) It’s their chance to show what they’re capable of!


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