Chaeyeon Kim’s programs for 2023/24 season are to “Pina” OST and “Le bal des folles” OST with choreo rumored to emphasizes the rhythm and elements of contemporary dance

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Kim Chaeyeon’s management company, Brio Sports, unveiled her plans and programs for the new season.

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Brio Sports announced Chaeyeon Kim’s programs for 2023/2024 season.

Chaeyeon Kim, who was the 2022 junior Grand Prix Final bronze medalist last, will kick off the new season with the ISU Challenger Series Lombardia Trophy. She will then aim to qualify for the senior Grand Prix Final through 2an ISU Figure Skating Grand Prix – Skate Canada and 5th event – ISU Figure Skating Grand Prix in Espoo, Finland.

This season, Chaeyeon Kim’s short program is to the OST of the movie “Pina,” with choreography by Korean choreographer Shin Yea-ji. The choreography for this program explores a slightly different genre from her previous programs and aims to express the inner self.

For her free skating program, which showcased her formidable skills last season, Kim Chaeyeon has chosen music from the OST of the movie “Le bal des folles,” with choreography by Benoit Richaud. It’s rumored that the choreography emphasizes the use of rhythm and incorporates elements of contemporary dance to control the intensity.

Chaeyeon Kim, who made a strong finish last season, has put in extensive preparation during the off-season. When asked about her determination for the new season, she stated, “I’ve worked hard in my preparations, and I want to show my best performance and achieve even better results than last year.” She displayed a determined attitude towards the upcoming season.


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