Carolina Kostner: daily work inspires me

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Carolina Kostner told about her return to the competition and summer training camp with Alexei Mishin.

As for career, I have fulfiled many of my dreams. Now I need to look deeper. I’m trying to open to new things. I’m trying to combine technique with art, to create a masterpiece. I’m trying to combine technique with art, to create a masterpiece.

In terms of preparation, I‘m doing well, but now it’s difficult to make any conclusions.  The result will be seen after a long period of time. Daily work inspires me, motivates me to look for something new, I try to prepare for my return as best as possible. – Carolina said.

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I don’t know which results Carolina will show, and it’s obvious that it’ll be very difficult for her to compete with all this young girls with all their triple-triple combinations. But one thing I know for sure – Carolina’s program will be incredible! Can’t wait to see them.

And about preparation in Mishin’s summer training camp:

I have a great respect for our sport and I like to learn something new, especially with Professor Mishin in his camp. And I want to learn, to work with him, to take lessons from such a master.

t seems to me that everyone starts from from scratch at all competitions, and it’s impossible to predict something or calculate like in mathematics. It’s great to see such high level of women’s figure skating now. – Kostner said.

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And here you can read Mishin’s comment about Carolina’s preparation.


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