Carolina Kostner and Alexei Mishin: We didn’t plan any victorious performances

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Alexei Mishin and Carolina Kostner about her performance in the short program at World Championships 2017.

Alexei Mishin:

When a person didn’t make one element, and a simple one, I can not be really happy. I want to say that such things are quite acceptable and often often happen with people who missed two seasons. One Olympic champion in synchronized swimming said that returning to the sport after the break is almost a feat. Well, this feat is hard.

We did not plan any victorious performances this year, we just had to enter the figure skating environment, next season we must gradually bring the complexity of the programs to the level which she’s capable of. Today euphoria hindered, not  lack of skills.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for

Carolina Kostner:

Alexei Mishin made me look at figure skating quite the other way, he opened the world to me again. I thought that after 25 years in figure skating, I learned everything in this sport. Thanks to Mishin, I learn something new every day, I train in a group of real professionals.

I am in that phase of my career when I do not think about medals at competitions. I think that I’m happy to continue to skate, do what I love.

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