Can we expect a breakthrough from Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam?

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When I saw Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam for the first time I absolutely loved them and hadn’t any doubt that this duo has a potential to become Canadian leading team once. I was amazed by Alexandra’s balletic lines, sophistication of her movements and how easily she works in lifts and how beautiful they look. The only disadvantage I saw was the copying Virtue and Moir.

The time has passed, nothing has changed. The fans of Tessa ans Scott can stop arguing who is the most loyal fan, because the most loyal fans of Virtue and Moir are obviously Alexandra and Mitchel! They continue to cosplay Tessa and Scott from year to year. But it haven’t worked. It’s ok to copy great athletes when you’re junior or just have started your senior career. But If you want to become a top-skater you definitely needs to find you own style.

This summer they moved to Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon’s group. I thought they did that because they wanted to try something new, something that can help them to have a breakthrough. Because Canada has other ice dancers who showed themselves pretty good last season and who wants to take Alexandra and Mitchell’s place in National team.

So let’s see whether this change of coaches were successful.

Nice dance, but nothing new for them. Create a light balletic dance for a girl like Alexandra, with her lines and posture and put a tutu on her…..what can be more banal? They are like always sweet and nice. But after the performance you can’t remember anything from their dance…..only a pick tutu.

I have seen their shore dance before, so I didn’t expect that it will cause another impression even when it’ll be more polished. But I haven’t seen the free dance, so I hoped for something new and creative here.

But the breakthrough haven’t happened here eiser. The same lyrical and romantic dance. I really don’t understand why they left Anjelika Krylova’s group, she could have choreographed just the same dances. Honestly, I didn’t expect some creativity for this duo from Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon. They got too big group of ice dancers too early, so you just can’t expect revelation of choreo for all their teams, it’s just not possible. I just feel bad for Alexandra and Mitchell, they weren’t in priority for Krylova and they are not in priority in the new group. Maybe they should try to work with Mitchell’s father, I quite like what he create for his duo Lauren Collins and Shane Firus, their dances look interesting and fresh.

So, the breakthrough didn’t happen. Maybe Canadian federation should think of idea to give a chance for other ice dancers to show themselves on big competitions?


See what Italians Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte have prepared for the nes season.

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