Brian Joubert is being accused of violence

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French figure skating coach Brian Joubert is being accused of violence.

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This information is reported by the French publication L’Obs, citing the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG).

“L’Obs” reveals that on Tuesday, August 29, the French Federation of Ice Sports initiated disciplinary proceedings against Brian Joubert. The figure skating champion and club director, who is also under administrative investigation, has been in the midst of turmoil for several months. The skater refutes “unjust” accusations.

“We received reports of cases of violence and initiated disciplinary proceedings on Tuesday, August 29.

Other reports have been received by the sports ministry body investigating cases of violence.

Currently, multiple investigations are ongoing, both administrative and legal,” commented FFSG President Gwenaelle Nury.

Joubert is 38 years old and is a world champion and three-time European champion in figure skating.


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